The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Fear and Fedora in Las Vegas
When In Doubt, Put It All on Red

You may remember this video of Steve Foley and Eric Odom from my March expedition to Las Vegas: Foley and Odom were playing the slots at the Orleans Hotel & Casino on West Tropicana. The Orleans is way off the Strip, far from the overpriced glitter that attracts rich tourists, celebrities and other high rollers. If […]

Doug From Reno, Sarah From Wasilla

From my column today in The American Spectator: Doug from Reno was standing about 50 yards from the stage at Saturday’s “Showdown in Searchlight,” two hours before the official noon start of the rally featuring Sarah Palin. He was part of a huge crowd already gathering for the big first-day event of the Tea Party […]

Tea Party Express III: Fear and Loathing — and Ann Coulter! — in Las Vegas

BUMPED & UPDATED! SUNDAY MARCH 28: We were linked by Her Blondeness yesterday. Unfortunately, security at the Vegas event was so tight that I didn’t get to say “Hello” to her, although I did get to wave at her personal bodyguard, Floyd — shortly before two Las Vegas police officers pulled me aside and frisked me […]

Tea Party With Sarah Palin: Scenes from the Showdown in Searchlight, Nev.

Word. Sarah Palin speaks! Notice the flags fluttering furiously. It was incredibly windy Saturday. I was backstage and one of my buddies let me get a nice perch at stage left to get photos and video, but the wind was more powerful than the sound system at the rally, which made Palin nearly inaudible on […]

Eve of the Showdown in Searchlight

LAS VEGAS — Just got back from Searchlight, where I reconnoitered the town and the rally site, about two miles north of Harry Reid’s hometown. A quick video report: One reason I wanted to make the trip Friday was to scope out the route. When Ali arrives at 7 a.m. Saturday, we’ll have to drive […]

Next Stop: Searchlight

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Just a quick note before I make the run to Searchlight with Steve Foley to check out the scene before tomorrow’s big Tea Party rally. (See today’s front-page story in the Las Vegas Sun.) I’m now blogging from the headquarters of Liberty First PAC, otherwise known as Eric Odom’s kitchen. Today […]

Reason #7,126 Why Alyssa Milano
Should Be Following Me on Twitter

Just in case you were wondering: LAS VEGAS – Now Tweeting completely naked in Room 249 at the Orleans Hotel. About to get in the shower. Checkout time in 1 hr, 17 minutes. All I need is just one re-Tweet, Alyssa. Now it’s nearly checkout time, which means I’m fully dressed — including the fedora […]

Hmmm. Why Did Jeri Thompson Endorse Sue Lowden Today?

LAS VEGAS — Just settling in for an hour or two of reporting before I head out to Searchlight this afternoon (it’s 9:30 a.m. out here) and I saw this column by Jeri Thompson in The American Spectator: In the Senate race to defeat Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid, we have several candidates who want […]

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