The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Machine Gun Preacher’ Endorses Mitt

“If you see @mittromney, tell him he’s got the Machine Gun Preacher’s vote.” — Pastor Sam Childers (@machgunpreacher) on phone just now — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) October 8, 2012 When the cellphone rang this morning and I saw the name on caller ID, it was a pleasant surprise: “Sam, how the heck are you, […]

#Kony2012 Video Prompts Uganda to Vow ‘Dead or Alive’ Manhunt for Terrorist

“Take a good look at this face. This is what unalloyed evil looks like. His name is Joseph Kony, and some news accounts call him a ‘leader’ of ‘Ugandan rebels.’ Don’t believe it. “Kony is not a leader. He’s a terrorist monster, and his ‘rebels’ are nothing but a gang of armed thugs who prey […]

Uganda: Inflation Sparks Riots

A 3.8% inflation rate is enough to make Americans complain about rising prices. Now imagine 14% inflation in Uganda — a much poorer country — and you have a formula for political disaster: KAMPALA, Uganda — This capital city was brought to a virtual standstill Friday as angry protesters set up roadblocks, setting them ablaze […]

Black People Killed by Gadsden Flags at Tea Party Rallies and Al-Qaeda Terrorism

But mainly Al-Qaeda terrorism: Among the at least 64 people killed in the two devastating blasts that tore through outdoor gatherings in Uganda where hundreds of soccer fans were in the midst of watching the World Cup final was 25-year-old American Nate Henn. . . . The selection of targets in the Ugandan capital of […]

Andrew Sullivan Gets Punked?

Reacting to a blog report that an LGBT activist in Uganda had been beheaded, Sully headlined it: The Wages Of Christianism And then the blog that ran the original report added this: Updated — Possible Hoax . . . Sources in the U.S. and Uganda now tell me that the young man in question was […]

Best. Ugandan. Video. Evah!

To quote The Right Scoop, “CONTENT WARNING“!