The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Mr. Hockey Stick Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Population Control Agenda

Some readers may be unfamiliar with the story of Michael Mann and his infamous “hockey stick” graph, so I will summarize briefly: In 1999, Mann and two colleagues produced a paper on climate trends, showing a sharp upward spike in worldwide temperatures beginning around 1900. The shape of this graph resulted in the “hockey stick” […]

Dianna Survived the Hurricane

Seeing coverage of Hurricane Idalia on Wednesday, I saw that once it came inland north of Tampa, its path was aimed directly at Valdosta, Georgia, where my friend and podcasting partner Dianna Deeley lives. “Are you there? Are you underwater?” I said when she answered, but there was no gurgling sound and, despite the breathless […]

Now That We’re All Dead …

In case you missed it, humanity was wiped out Tuesday, according to angry Swedish adolescent Greta Thunberg who, for some reason, decided it was prudent to delete that tweet. Her apocalyptic prediction is part of a long series of false prophecies by environmental doomsayers following in the failed footsteps of Population Bomb author Paul Ehrlich […]

CNN Warns of Weather ‘Misinformation’

When did the concern about “misinformation” arise? Why and how did the news media become obsessed with this paranoid fear — once mocked in a popular cartoon — that “someone is wrong on the Internet”? We can leave aside the etiology of the “misinformation” obsession (as I’m contemplating this as the subject of a future […]

Kerry at Davos: ‘A Select Group of Human Beings … Talk About Saving the Planet’

As Dana Pico remarks, Lurch said the quiet part out loud — the idea that the billionaires, politicians, “experts” and corporate executive at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos are “a select group.” By whom were they “selected”? There is nothing remotely democratic about the world’s wealthiest people and their political henchmen forming a […]

‘Climate Change’ Is a Dangerous Cult

Say hello to Madeleine “Maddie” Budd, a 21-year-old English woman who dropped out of medical school to become a radical environmental activist. She has been arrested several times for her “activism.” Last September, she was arrested in London while engaging in a protest with the Extinction Rebellion group. In March, she was arrested for running […]

Give War a Chance?

You might be a “climate change” fanatic if . . . South China Morning Post (SCMP) North American bureau chief Robert Delaney published a bizarre editorial on Tuesday in which he suggested a war between America and China, sparked by Beijing making good on its threat of a military response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‚Äôs (D-CA) visit to […]

Go and Do Thou Likewise

Generally speaking, I am against environmentalists engaging in protests, but I wish more of them would emulate Colorado “activist” Wynn Bruce: A climate activist who lit himself on fire on Earth Day outside the United States Supreme Court Building has died, according to reports. Wynn Bruce, 50, of Boulder, Colorado, died Saturday, a day after […]

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