The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

In Defense of R.E. Lee

Some have asked my opinion on the recent iconoclastic travesty of the savage vandal horde, but I have refrained from commenting directly on such matters for fear I might speak too sincerely. You may take yesterday’s Civil War history thread — including my recommendation of  Douglas Southall Freeman’s four-volume R.E. Lee, A Biography and his […]

Civil War History: Kibbitzing

Last weekend, our faithful Wombat offered some suggestions for reading about the history of the War Between the States, and while I certainly endorse his recommendations generally, I must take issue with at least one of his comments specifically: I am frankly unsure why Douglas Southall Freeman has the reputation he does. I tried reading […]

‘Harmful Extremist Content’? Why Does Facebook Want You to Be ‘Concerned’?

We need Mark Zuckerberg to protect us from Thought Crime: An eyebrow-raising new Facebook feature warns users when they might have been exposed to extremist content or if they know someone who is becoming an extremist — prompting concerns it may target conservative voices and stifle free speech. Screenshots of the anti-extremism alerts circulated Thursday […]

Whose ‘Democracy’ Is This?

Since January 6, every liberal on cable TV news has been declaring that “our democracy” is endangered by Trump voters who don’t believe Joe Biden won the election fairly. The latest outburst, by New York Times columnist Mara Gay, depicted the American flag as a racist symbol of this alleged threat to “our democracy.” Having […]

Today’s (Feeble) Ray Of Hope

— by Wombat-socho Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam. Let me start out with what should be obvious: neither I nor anyone in their right mind wants a Second War Between The States to break out. That having been said, only a fool doesn’t plan for contingencies, and preparing for a massive economic/political breakdown […]

‘Stolen Land’ and Fake Numbers: How SJWs Invented a ‘Genocide’ Myth

In 1998, University of Wisconsin historian David Henige published Numbers from Nowhere: The American Indian Contact Population Debate, in which he examined how, during the late 20th century, academics began arguing that the indigenous population of the Western hemisphere before the arrival of Europeans was much larger than previously estimated. This origins of this argument […]

Skepticism and Silence: ‘Cancel Culture’ and America’s Growing Political Crisis

One of the things that separates 21st-century Americans from previous generations is a loss of liberty that few acknowledge. In particular, Americans have abandoned their First Amendment right to express their opinions, due to fear of what has become known as “cancel culture.” Consider, for example, how one-sided the public discussion has been about removing […]

‘Something for Everyone to Hate’

It would be interesting to know how many high-school students in Loudon County, Virginia, would be able to identify Col. Edward D. Baker. If you are a student of the Civil War, you know that Baker’s death in the Battle of Ball’s Bluff was the chief inspiration for the creation of the Joint Committee on […]

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