The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Biden Administration Hiring 360 Armed IRS Agents Ready to Use ‘Deadly Force’

Get paid by the government to kill tax cheaters: The Internal Revenue Service is hiring special agents who shouldn’t be afraid of using “deadly force.” Criminal Investigation, the law enforcement branch of the IRS, is looking for agents across the US who can combine “accounting skills with law enforcement skills to investigate financial crimes,” according […]

An Administrative Note

— compiled by Wombat-socho Silicon Valley delenda est. In The Mailbox is going on hiatus until (at least) April 19. I’m putting in around ten hours a day in the tax mines, which leaves me just enough time to eat, sleep…yeah, that’s about it. See you when the Death March to April 18 is over. […]

NFL Star: ‘Hey, New York Taxes Suck!’

Buffalo Bills strong safety Jordan Poyer is one of the best defensive backs in the NFL. If you’re a quarterback going up against the Bills, your first read is to figure out where Poyer is, and then throw the ball somewhere else. (Just ask Lamar Jackson what happens if you throw it near Poyer.) When […]

Thank You, President Trump!

  Today, my wife and went to our tax preparer’s office. Being self-employed, tax time is an annual nightmare, as I have to collect all the receipts, etc., about my expenses and income. Then we have to sit down in the office while the tax lady — a very nice lady who is quite patient […]

Yes, $100 a Month Is ‘Real Money’

  Partisanship can make you blind to reality. Because I am a conservative and generally support Republicans, it would be easy for me to ignore any faults with the tax reform bill the GOP-controlled Senate passed over the weekend. Yet I am skeptical enough to believe that, as a matter of economic policy, the bill […]

Call for Tax Questions
and Wednesday Afternoon Open Thread

— by Wombat-socho I have the day off from the tax mines, mostly so I could go see the doctors at the VA about the holes in my legs (they’re better, thanks) and since I’ve been spending a lot of time lately reading about taxes and practicing with the new software the Lords of the […]

Boom! IRS Admits Guilt

This news is relatively huge: Two years after activists for same-sex marriage obtained the confidential tax return and donor list of a national group opposed to redefining marriage, the Internal Revenue Service has admitted wrongdoing and agreed to settle the resulting lawsuit. The Daily Signal has learned that, under a consent judgment [Tuesday], the IRS […]

The ‘Missing’ IRS Emails

It’s a cover-up — obstruction of justice — and everybody knows it, because the subpoenaed e-mails simply cannot be “lost”: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said it can’t provide emails sent between 2009 and 2011 that were requested by congressional investigators because of hard drive crashes. The agency said that emails stored on dead drives […]

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