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Rule 5 Sunday

Posted on | May 23, 2010 | 26 Comments

by Smitty

The big news this week was that Miss America beauty pageant, and something that could be an escape from politics became, sadly, and exercise in politics.
It recalls that SNL sketch from a few years back where they had an interview show talking to all of the people who had wrecked it for everyone else, i.e. making Halloween dangerous.
Thanks, creeps.

  • The Pirate’s Cove has a patriotic pinup, getting ready for the 4th of July, no doubt. How many Stars and Stripes will be worn to Mexican schools, one wonders?
  • Waxing Erratic had another fine roundup of cuddliness, some furrier than others.
  • Bob Belvedere had the usual assortment of high style:
  • The entire blogoverse had to talk about the new Miss USA, Rima Fakih. She’s got a “past”, and may have benefitted more from politics than talent in her selection. But at least she was selected in time for Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. So we had that goin’ for us.
    • Michelle Malkin led off.
    • Left Coast Rebel was more interested in Miss Oklahoma.
    • Uncoverage was more interested in Rima’s Pole-ish culture studies.
    • The Pirate’s Cove had a roundup.
    • Gateway Pundit brought in the Miss OK “WTF does this AZ question have to do with a beauty pageant” clip.  OK’s answer apparently wasn’t. . .kosher. Hoft then picked up on the pole dancing angle.
    • The Classic Liberal requested the removal of politics from pageants. Are we expected to factor out money as well, and judge solely on liberal and classic values like talent?
    • Cassy Fiano recalled how politicized the preceding year’s contest had been. Note to Cassy: why don’t you bring in a marksmanship competition for Miss USA?
    • Smash Mouth Politics brings Throbbing Justice to bear on the Rima case. Good taste never stood a chance.
    • The BlogProf noticed that Rima would wear a Native American costume, vice cowboy attire, to represent the US. Does that mean she’d arrive dressed as a casino dealer? He then picked up on the promised investigation into the pole dancing by the Miss Universe pageant. What isn’t clear is whether the BlogProf promised to conduct the investigation himself, his planned methodology for the research, and when the ‘raw’ data may be available for peer review. Important academic questions. BlogProf also linked the Throbbing J clips.
    • Little Miss Attila took a day off for ‘research’. Possible BlogProf collaboration?
    • Knowledge is Power tacitly admitted that the bikini, too, is power.
    • BlackFive offers a disc-lame-er, emphasis mine:

      She is smokin’ and since she has been parading around in public in a bikini, isn’t that a good example and a knee to the nads of those burqa promoting wankers? More bikinis, fewer burqas. Muslim hotties rule!
      This is my contribution to our hearts and minds outreach campaign and not simply an excuse to post that picture.

      I’d say that Uncle Jimbo veered in the direction of Holderism with that last sentence, but he’d dribble me like a basketball.

    • TrogloPundit is refreshingly frank/dank: “I just wanted an excuse to google a few beauty queens, which sounds awfully dirty when you put it like that.”
    • American Power supported Miss Okie and, by extension, Governor Brewer all the way.
    • Atlas Shrugs looks at Rima, and, well, shrugs:

      UPDATE: Jason in the comments. Bingo, Jason:
      Hopefully every young Muslim girl will now tell her parents “I want to grow up and be like Rima.”

    • Allahpundit, whom you would expect to say something interesting here, opted for Miss OK instead.
    • Proof Positive had a long white dress shot.
    • Power Line featured the thoughtful review:

      So, to sum up: Rima Fakih is a worthy winner of the Miss USA title. I, personally, would have selected her over the runner-up on pulchritude alone. So no serious injustice was done this year, in my view. Going forward, pageants should stop asking contestants–especially selected contestants only, while others get “world peace” questions–questions to which the answers are needlessly controversial and likely to play to the judges’ own prejudices. No one who attends a beauty pageant has the slightest interest in the judges’ political leanings.

      As for Miss Fakih, we would be happy to suppose that she represents the “moderate Islam” for which the world has been waiting for some years now. Perhaps so. But, by her own account, she is part Christian, too–maybe that’s the moderate half. So we can only hope that she has ample bodyguards when she shows up for the Miss Universe pageant.

    • GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD raises the issue of for whom Rima really works.
    • Nation Of Cowards gives Morgan Elizabeth the full treatment.
  • Israelly Cool had a picture of the other Lady Arab newsmaker, whose hands appeared a trifle swollen from delivering a beat-down to a member of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.
  • At The Point Of A Gun explores the “Offend a Feminist” angle.
  • Manolo swears that Martha Stewart is holding a poncho, but she hasn’t explicitly denied that she’s helping with the Deepwater Explorer cleanup, so I’m not sure. A large pair of glasses and dark hair were also seen actually wearing a poncho, making Kim Kardashian at least believable.
  • The Daley Gator has had a top #25 babes of all time countdown underway:
  • Big Journalism undvered some in-bed-edness at ABC with Bianna Golodryga.
  • Irish Cicero brings us architecture and a hottie.
  • GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD has That Which Eric Holder Fears Most X2. The reaction to the Dennis Blair retirement seems to be PTFB (press the figurative button). She always has great captions, like a messy Megan: “Great Satan loves Hiz’B’Allah! They taste like chicken!”
  • Left Coast Rebel has a hottie that is not associated with the Italian Tea Party (wouldn’t something with espresso be more in keeping?). Also, LCR reports on Bono’s back injury, with a photo explaining why that’s “Bono” and not “nooB”.
  • The BlogProf did take his eyes off of Rima, probably over some wings.
  • Yankee Phil notes that Bristol Palin is engaged in straight-ahead capitalism on the speaking circuit. She could prove an interesting speaker. Whether Bristol could work at Hooters is a separate question.
  • American Power features Hugh Hefner, a man straddling the line between Rule 5 and hedonism. Not sure which side the hula hoop chick lands. Douglas also featured Sela Ward, motivated by the Daley Gator.
  • Dustbury recalls international diplomacy’s finest 5?8? woman and her 5?10? legs. Also, an interesting note on what a bizatch life can be. And then this daring rumor-monering about Campbell Brown. Wow. Meredith Viera also makes an appearance. What a news-oriented blogger, that Dustbury.
  • Daniel Foster at NRO, suspects Steve McQueen of the recent Paris art heist.
  • RebootCongress a loyal reader, points to hotties in Thailand on Michael Yon’s facebook page. Yon merits your support.
  • Proof Positive celebrated Katherine Hepburn in vintage mode, and Scarlett Johansson, both redheads, at least occasionally. Also there was a hooters post. There was another PETA post, but, really: Shirly Manson holding up an illegal immigrant like that is only going to cause the Left to implode.
  • Fausta has come up with a great solution for annoying relatives–chuck ’em out a plane! OK, that’s about the most radical possible mis-interpretation of the link. How about a tango reclama?
  • Fishersville Mike cools his jets, to the apparent chagrin of Yankee Phil.
  • TrogloPundit is tracking the Megan-to-Hayden switch at the Transformers franchise. Does Hayden look like Bristol Palin, or what?
  • House of Eratosthenes notes, with approval, that Ace of Spades is picking on Valerie Plame.
  • Three Beers Later brings out an old clip that reveals he both (a) played some mean maracas, and (b) used to hand out with Benny Hill. Oh, and the obligatory Juliana Moreira.
  • A Conservative Shemale points to a big cushion for the final ending of the Fed, when all things must halt.
  • New Rule 5 celebrant What the…?! brings you Julia Benson.
  • The Eye of Polyphemus needed some extra Scarlett Johansson, and also has an all-time favorite list.
  • The Mind Numbed Robot brings you Daisy Fuentes.
  • The Classic Liberal features Grace Park in one of his most instructive posts ever!
  • Irish Cicero the Younger brings a fine roundup.
  • Left Bank of the Charles features a ritual catfight in Harvard Square. “I’m more Progressive!” “No, me!” OK, it’s not like that, exactly.
  • Smash Mouth Politics whines “Anybody else noticed how difficult it is to find a hot chick who has not already been the subject of a Rule 5 post?” but comes up with Doutzen Kroes. See, sometimes it good to be the aggregator. . .

Rule 5 Sunday thanks the beauty in the world and the readers. Stay lovely out there!