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9/12 DC Rally

Posted on | September 12, 2010 | 30 Comments

by Smitty

UPDATE 1530 ET: More photos by Stacy:

Andrew Breitbart talks to some of those black Tea Party activists the MSM say don’t exist.

Dave Weigel of Slate and Michael Moynihan of Reason magazine say, “We’re the media your mother warned you about.”

Sarah D. is another lovestruck Stephen Kruiser groupie.

UPDATE: Tito “The Builder” Munoz video.

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[updated @1316] America’s youth speaks!

CAPITOL HILL–First strike crowd pan, at 11 AM, with a couple of hours to the rally.

Stacy is pacing about, muttering, erroneously in my opinion, that Beck’s Restoring Honor rally was ill-conceived and will hurt attendance. Rather a narrow view, that. The light mist falling is supposed to taper off around noon.

DaTechGuy just arrived, and reports a throng at the Washington Monument.

The good news about the Tea Parties is that there is no central coordination. The bad news about the Tea Parties is that the entropic influence of Erik Telford cannot be stopped.

Back at you at noon. Rain is abating, by the power of my pink Hawaiian print. The crowd down at the Washington monument is supposed to commence marching here. I predict a crowd size similar to the Kill the Bill Rally a couple of centuries ago in March.

1300 crowd pan:

Updates to follow.