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BUSTED! Video Documents Role of Democrat Consultant Neal Rauhauser in Smear Campaign Against Tea Party

Posted on | October 7, 2010 | 37 Comments

WARNING: This video is filled with profanity. What it documents — including pedophilia-themed Twitter attacks against children of a Tea Party supporter — involves a network of “progressive” activists apparently organized by Neal Rauhauser, whose firm, Progressive PST, has been hired by many Democratic candidates.

UPDATE: Wow, Greg W. Howard posted this video on his blog two weeks ago, and I didn’t see it until today? Man, I’ve got to start paying closer attention . . .

UPDATE II: Much of the information in the video was collected at the “Swift Read” site of conservative Catholic blogger Patrick Read, who says that he and others have stored page caches of the material.

The video says the purpose is to “illustrate that Neal Rauhauser was soliciting some of the worst provocateurs he could find in an effort to deliberately elicit angered responses from the Tea Party.” It  features screen captures of Tweets by several activists alleged to have been part of Rauhauser’s network. Conservative blogger Greg W. Howard was especially targeted for Twitter harassment. (Warning: Extremely graphic language.)

One of the most relentlessly obscene of the Twitter activists involved in this harassment campaign was “GuerrillaWLogic.” Neal Rauhauser (“Stranded Wind”) communicated with “GuerrillaWLogic,” saying he was “hiring a replacement” for one of his assistants.

“GuerrillaWLogic” seemed to delight in making obscene attacks on Christian conservatives:

“GuerrillaWLogic” bragged that he used an online charity site to “buy” an abortion in honor of one pro-life blogger who “annoyed” him.

This effort by “GuerrillaWLogic” was praised by abortion-rights activist Kelsea McLain (“ProChoiceLove”).

The video identifies some of the Twitter activists whom Rauhauser dubbed his “Beans” or “Legumes of Mass Destruction.” The Twitter campaign against Tea Party activists appears to have begun after the July “Netroots Nation” convention, sponsored by, at which Rauhauser was a speaker.

It was at Netroots Nation that Rauhauser’s partner in Progressive PST, Beth Becker, says she met Arizona Democrat Rep. Raul Grijalva, co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. In a Sept. 30 post at DailyKos, Becker (“Spedwybabs”) said she was “working with Rep. Grijalva’s office on a number of things, including helping them to navigate this world we call the blogosphere.”

In a Sept. 2 DailyKos post, Rauhauser named Glenn Beck as an enemy of Rep. Grijalva:

In a Sept. 21 post at DailyKos, Rauhauser said he had gotten “the most amazing little note” from Rep. Grijalva, thanking himself, Becker and progressive blogger Sandi Behrhens for “stopping a $5,000,000 media campaign against” Grijalva:

Ironically, considering some of the Twitter activities of the anti-Tea Party “provocateurs” documented in the video, Rauhauser complained in a Sept. 28 DailyKos post that he was being threatened and “stalked”:

Rauhauser attributed these threats to “Tea Party Patriot extremists” and “a Christian Reconstructionist cell in the southeast,” and said he was targeted because he had “been effectively organizing on Twitter and in the blogosphere.”

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37 Responses to “BUSTED! Video Documents Role of Democrat Consultant Neal Rauhauser in Smear Campaign Against Tea Party”

  1. Boiling_pots
    October 7th, 2010 @ 10:18 pm

    These guys sure are tough behind a computer monitor

  2. MrPaulRevere
    October 8th, 2010 @ 3:31 am

    These hardcore progressives really are vile trash of the lowest order. Thanks for posting this Mr. McCain, and a belated happy birthday.