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They’re Going To Be As RINO As You Let Them, Which Is Not At All

Posted on | October 27, 2010 | 4 Comments

by Smitty

The Underground Conservative rounds up a few Ruling Class bloviations about the Tea Party. There is a fine line between the common sense of the common folk that we need to re-inject into our politics, and the experience of knowing the ropes in DC. We need to put RINOs on notice without fielding a full roster of complete neophytes who’d get parliamentary circles run around them by the Democrat residue. Balance without compromise, you see?
Via HotAir, the prospective Speaker seems to be getting it:

Remember what he told NPR over the weekend? . . . Judging by the reaction of HA commenters at the time, I’m guessing he got an earful from grassroots righties about that over the past few days.

The corner we’re turning is the one where technology enables broader involvement.
I predict a move in the direction of Federalism for several reasons:

  • The Euro-welfare-state model is unaffordable.
  • Increasing scrutiny is going to render social welfare policy unworkable. People are going to gang-read the legislation faster than the special interest can describe ways to be unfair.
  • Increasing education and savvy in the electorate is going to demonstrate that Progressives sodomized the Constitution to get us as far down the Road to Serfdom as they did.

We’re not backing down. They, under pressure, will.


4 Responses to “They’re Going To Be As RINO As You Let Them, Which Is Not At All”

  1. Anonymous
    October 28th, 2010 @ 12:47 am

    Rush talked about the attempt to fill the Tea Party congresscritters staffs with GOP insiders. He agreed that there has to be a mix of some pros in there for the same reason you cited: all neophytes are going to get run over by the Democrats. But we have to make it clear we will not stand for the same ol’ same ol’ business as usual garbage.