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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

LIVE AT FIVE – 10.30.10

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Al-Qaeda Bombs From Yemen Aimed At U.S.

UPS cargo jet in isolation at Philadelphia International

Packages meant for Chicago synagogues

Iran Ready To Reopen Nuke Talks
Because talk is cheap.

Crist Blamed For Clinton “Back Room Deal” Rumor
May nonetheless reap rewards

Swing Voters Flocking To GOP
Ace: “There’s this guy you may have heard of named Winston Wolfe. He has a rule about not celebrating prematurely. Listen to him. He’s wise. But you know, as we approach the end game, it’s okay to enjoy the sites a little, smell the roses and taste the tears of liberals…Alright, that’s enough of that. Get back to work.”


Why Is The President Campaigning For Tom Perriello?

Congressman Perriello (L), State Senator Hurt (R)

Perriello may be the only Democrat not in a safe district who’s stuck by Obama

On Economy, GOP Wins Messaging War
Yeah, because it has nothing to do with the Dems in office, right, Professor?

Angle’s Campaign Bars NBC, CBS Affiliates From Election Night Coverage
Wouldn’t you?

Marist Poll: Murray Leads Rossi By 1 In Washington Senate Race


GDP Grows 2% In Third Quarter, Up Slightly From 1.7% In Q2

Blue Chips Edge Higher, S&P Slips

Immigrants Getting Jobs, Native-Born Americans Getting Pink Slips

Microsoft Reports Record First Quarter Revenues, Net Profit $5.4 Billion

Mount Everest Gets 3G Service

Google Admits Street View Cars Captured E-Mails, Passwords


The Heat Is On: Orlando Magic Gets Torched 96-73

Miami Heat's starting five

War of words hits the courts for a smokin’ start

Obligatory Brett Favre Linkagery

World Series Game Three: Another “Pitchers Duel”?

Knicks Hang Tough, Fall To Celtics 105-101

Mountaineers Fumble Hands First Victory To Huskies


LeeAnn Rimes Cover “A Terrible Mistake”?

Swingin' indeed.

We report. You ogle decide.

Celine Dion Was Expecting Triplets But Lost One

Ellen DeGeneres Grills Taylor Swift On Jake Gyllenhaal

Stork In Play For Eli, Abby Manning

Will Smith Gets Betty White, Nicole Scherzinger For Men In Black 3

Danielle Staub’s Lesbian Affair Just A Publicity Stunt

A Simple Solution To Our Crappy World Series Announcers

Timing Of “The Daily Line”‘s Cancellation Had Nothing To Do With Brett Favre’s Wang – Sort Of
Ha! You thought I’d covered this in Sports, didn’t you?


Hillary Faces PRC/Japan Wrangle At ASEAN Summit

Norks, ROKs Exchange Fire At DMZ

Ministers In Nagoya Adopt New Biodivisersity Strategy

Storms Hamper Indonesia Relief Efforts


Althouse: “Hey, wait, I thought it was Democrats who liked to say Republicans are trying to scare us.”

Goldberg @NRO: “And if (Gawker’s Cook) thinks I need to be punched in the face, I invite him to give it a whirl himself.” Charlie Crist Comes Out Of The Closet!

Hit & Run: Attack Ads Circa 1800

Big Hollywood: “Didn’t Jon Stewart tell the media “Restore Sanity” was not a response to Glenn Beck? Yes, he did.”

Outside The Beltway: Precinct Reporting Over

— compiled by Wombat-socho


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