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LIVE AT FIVE – 12.17.10

Posted on | December 17, 2010 | 8 Comments

Pork-packed Spending Bill Withdrawn In Senate

GOP support for pork evaporates as deadline looms

Nine Republican senators withdraw support for bill, leaving Reid no option but to pull it

Oklahoma man on death row put down with pentobarbital
Animal euthanasia drug used for first time

Twenty Dead In Ivory Coast Riots As Gbagbo Refuses To Cede Power
ECOWAS official calls on defeated president to step down, prevent further bloodshed

Tax Compromise Passes House

Ready to sign an extension of the very tax rates he was elected to rescind

Liberal Democrats’ opposition crushed, alternatives defeated, bill expected to be signed on Friday

Obama Announces Support For UN Indigenous Rights Declaration

Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) To Be Treated For Prostate Cancer

Michigan, Four Other States Appeal To Supremes To Block Carp

Blackberry Torch Lights Up RiM Results, Forecasts
Visa, Mastercard Hit Hard By Fed’s Proposal To Slash Interchange Fees
Google Launches Body Browser
Yahoo Plans To Shut Down AltaVista, Other Services

It’s Official: Vikings Heading For The U

Crews work to clear ice and snow from the University of Minnesota's TCF Stadium

Ticket-holders for Bears game to be accommodated on a first-come, first serve basis; no beer to be sold and no outside food or drinks.

Defending Volleyball Champs Penn State Sweep Texas

Ainge: Rondo Out For Two Weeks With Ankle Sprain

Coyotes Sign Emergency Goalie As Bryzgalov Goes Down With Flu

Is It Possible We’ll Always Be Obsessed With Winona Ryder?

Winona Ryder

The GQ interview.  Includes bonus Mel Gibson anti-Semitism. RTWT.

It’s Twins For Mariah Carey

Blake Edwards Dead At 88: Created “Pink Panther” Movies

Lindsay Lohan 100 Days SoberBut Being Stalked

Network Formerly Known As SciFi Cancels “Stargate Universe”

Assange Free On Bail After Nine Days In Jail
Obama To Lean On Pakis, Afghan Tribal Chiefs To Help Defeat Taliban
Singh, Wen Sign Six Bilateral Sino-Indian Agreements, But Affirmation of “One China” Policy Not Among Them
EU Rules Foreigners May Be Banned From Dutch Marijuana Clubs

Megan McArdle: Where Freedom Goes To Die – The Center for Science in the Public Interest
Big Government: The Death Panels’ First Move Is To Take Away Avastin For Cancer Treatment
Sense Of Events: What “Obama tax cuts”?

Jammie Wearing Fool: James Meeks Thinks Only Blacks Should Be Considered Minorities

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