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Drew M. Nails It

Posted on | January 4, 2011 | 12 Comments

“If Captain Honors goes down for this, expect some guys with stars on their shoulders to take a hit as well . . .
“If Honors is relieved . . . you have to wonder if the top brass of the Navy really get that we are a nation that has been at war for almost a decade. Yes, this looks bad to civilians and yes, the videos show some questionable judgment but the bottom line is . . . what’s best for the war effort?”

Drew M., “NBC News: Navy Will ‘Temporarily’ Relieve USS Enterprise Captain Over Videos,” Ace of Spades HQ

Following up on this morning’s post, I think that despite the cogency of his remarks, Drew M. has perhaps overlooked the true significance of this controversy: The Ace of Spades Lifestyle™ is under attack.

UPDATE: Speaking of the AOSHQ Lifestyle™ . . .

UPDATE II: Sarah Palin re-Tweets Tammy Bruce and this is a huge controversy! 

This is part of a seldom-noticed MSM motif: Anything is automatically controversial — nay, scandalous — when it’s done by a Republican. For example, newly-elected GOP House members schedule a fund-raiser in Washington and this is a SHOCKING OUTRAGE!

How dare those Republicans try to get re-elected?

Next thing you know, those tricky Republicans might actually vote against ObamaCare . . .

UPDATE III: In this video, notice how the CNN anchorette deems herself an authority to pronounce Capt. Honors “totally inappropriate for someone who commands an aircraft carrier.”

Just to be clear about the rules of the New Navy in the post-DADT era: An admiral can dress in drag and march in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, but any sailor who makes a wisecrack about such behavior will be drummed out of the service.


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