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Get Pawlenty’s ‘Courage to Stand: An American Story’

Posted on | January 28, 2011 | 14 Comments

by Smitty
I didn’t write a novel, true, but I did just finished reading Tim Pawlenty’s book, and I must confess some mystification.
The book is a great read. Pawlenty comes off as a seasoned, sharp, dedicated leader. He reveals a deep faith, for the social conservatives. Believers in the Progressive Faith will call him ‘Huckabee Light’. The Romney fans will point out the lack of Northeast credentials. The Palin fans will attack a perceived charisma deficit. The Gingrich fan will look left and right, note the solitude, and point out that at least Newt had a title cribbed by the POTUS. WTF, indeed.
Past all that noise, Pawlenty’s book starts out as Minnesota Governor being handed a total crap sandwich of a budget from his predecessor, and doing the responsible thing despite massive opposition.
This is a prototype for the kind of yeoman work the next POTUS will have to do. The DFL is confined to Minnesota, but the Federal hydra will be an even tougher beast to fight. Some will say ‘Pawlenty who?’ and decry a lack of soaring rhetoric and charisma. Well, how has that worked out for us?  Success will come when we get past the Alinsky need to personalize everything. We don’t need a rock star, or an orator, or an entertainer. We need a competent, humble leader of the Pawlenty stripe.
I look forward to supporting Pawlenty, now that the current POTUS has kicked off the 2012 season. Pawlenty’s record answers the mail on virtually every point that the Left can bring up, with the exception of foreign policy. [Aside: pray for peace. The future seems less stable than ever.]
Tim Pawlenty totally merits consideration. Sarah fan though I am, the Left continues to pile up the negatives on her and poison the well. Sure, it’s intellectually dishonest, and we’ll support her as far as she decides to go, but there it is. The lying bastards who go on about ‘fairness’ are themselves the least fair of the lot. Did Shakespeare predict her coming triumph? I don’t think so, either, but maybe the Bard knew something we do not.
In contrasting Sarah to Tim, I’m deeply respectful of both people for their courageous stands in the face of dishonest opposition.  Pawlenty’s book recalled the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, and the media frenzy to connect conservative policy to the tragedy.  Maybe Sarah and Tim can flip a coin to see who occupies the upper portion of the ticket.

Oh, and just to pile on Stacy’s earlier post about Gentleman Jim Moran: watch out Moran, the conservatives are coming for you. I haven’t heard if Patrick Murray will run again or not, but VA-8 is ready to see the odious Moran retire.


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