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Rule 5 Monday: Beautiful Together

Posted on | April 11, 2011 | 5 Comments

Well, just one more weekend left in tax season, and then Rule 5 Sunday will return to its proper place on the weekend. For now, I appreciate your patience.

Too late for last week’s roundup (or maybe just way too early for this one), Fishersville Mike submits a pic of Kaley Cuoco and the Pink Berets preparing for the debut of “Hop”.

Soylent Green celebrates his 750,000th visit with a grand display of scantily- (or completely un-) clad ladies that defies description, except for the obligatory NSFW warning. Also, bacon! He then goes on with Spring Spasms (NSFW) and Lynda Redwine (not NSFW).
What, no corsets? 🙁

The Rio Norte Line has some exemplary Thunder From Down Under; Reaganite Republican makes its Rule 5 debut with the biggest bust in Michigan State Police history; the POH Diaries bring us Ivanka Trump and some Rule 5 linkagery; Eye Of Polyphemus contributes Ashley Greene; Maggie’s Notebook brings us another charming songbird, Carrie Underwood; and That Mr. G Guy brings us Babes With Guns, including Miss Utah.



Okay, moving right along, WyBlog has a post on Kim Cattrall, and Dustbury tips us to Bollywood import Mallika Sherawat
as well as providing links to the luscious Anna Torv. A View From The Beach offers a combination of babes and beer and nutritional advice. Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

The Camp of the Saints offers Shannon Long, Kym Malin, and two installments of Rule 5 News here and here, the latter featuring Gina Elise.

The DaleyGator profits from the Wombat’s lateness, and submits a clutch of links! First Azaylia Sen, then Roselyn Sanchez, Maria Ozawa, Natalie Portman, and finally Ali Sonoma. Verily, the Gator doth provide the BEST slideshows.

We close out this week’s Rule 5 with a video from Three Beers Later, in which Eva Longoria becomes slightly overexposed on the Letterman show.

Submissions for next week’s Rule 5 roundup should be sent to the Rule 5 Wombat mailbox no later than Saturday, April 16. See you then.


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