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Oh, My Goodness: Jesse Jackson Accused of Sexually Harassing Gay Staffer?

Posted on | April 16, 2011 | 27 Comments

Well, well, well — what have we here?

The Rev. Jesse Jackson is vehemently denying allegations from a member of President Obama’s gay rights issues panel, who claims he was fired from the civil rights leader’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition because he is openly gay.
Tommy Bennett, who worked for the organization for more than two years as the national director of community affairs, filed a complaint last year with Chicago’s Commission on Human Relations accusing Jackson of discrimination, harassment and even asking him to perform oral sex on him.

Thanks to commenter Pagan Temple for calling my attention to this story. Now, let’s read more of the juicy details startling accusations:

In his complaint, Bennett says when he assumed duties as Jackson’s travel assistant, he was required to perform “humiliating” tasks for the former presidential candidate, including escorting women to his room and cleaning up after his tryst was done. Bennett says he believes he was forced to do these tasks because he is gay.
He also claimed that he was once summoned to take notes in Jackson’s hotel room, where he found Jackson “dressed only in his underwear (briefs) and a v-neck t-shirt.” Bennett claims that Jackson, whom he had given Cialis to earlier, was sexually aroused and breathing fast.
Jackson told him a story about his gay high school teacher who became a mentor and provided Jackson with a good grade, pocket change and oral sex. Bennett interpreted that as a sign that Jackson wanted oral sex from him, but he says he left the room.

Two possibilities suggest themselves here: (a) Tommy Bennett is telling the truth, or (b) he plagiarized the “Canteen Boy” sketch from SNL.

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