The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Sparks Outrage in St. Mary’s County, Maryland

Todd Musick (left) as drag queen ‘Stormy Vain’ (right). A small town in southern Maryland is in the middle of a controversy after the local library hosted a “Drag Queen Story Hour” featuring a D.C.-area man who apparently operates a gay escort business. Todd Musick, who uses the stage name “Stormy Vain” for his drag […]

‘Gender Equality,’ World Cup Edition

  Nearly as soon as the women’s World Cup ended, public interest evaporated, because almost nobody really cares about women’s sports and Americans don’t much like soccer. Every four years, during the Olympics, there is a temporary burst of interest in the women’s gymnastics team and a few other gold-medal hopefuls, but once that quadrennial […]

Munchausen Mom Wendy Napoles and the ‘Princess by Proxy’ Syndrome

Wendy Napoles (left) and her drag-queen son Desmond. Last December, after it was reported that 11-year-old Desmond Napoles had performed in drag at a Brooklyn gay bar where adult men threw money at the child, I referenced the “emerging awareness” by which the Supreme Court had justified its ruling in Lawrence v. Texas (2003). If […]

LGBT Ideology as Pathological Narcissism

  Now that “Pride Month” is over, perhaps it’s again safe to say that homosexuality is not a virtue. That’s what “gay pride” is really about — gay people asserting that they are superior to straights, and expecting the rest of us to applaud their courage in being proudly gay. Those who refuse to celebrate […]

Google’s LGBTQ+ Totalitarians

  A perfect example of how the SJWs have taken over at Google: Dozens of Google employees have sent an open letter to the organizers of San Francisco’s annual Pride parade urging them to kick Google’s company float out of the parade. In a letter posted to Medium, the employees wrote of a work atmosphere […]

LGBT Totalitarians Lose Again

Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer want to force you to bake them a cake. Do these two women look like they need more carbohydrates? Are they so starved for calories that their access to baked goods constitutes an emergency requiring government intervention? Alas, these two Democrats in Oregon took advantage of a law against “discrimination” that […]

Totalitarian @GayWonk Is Attempting to Silence Conservative @SCrowder

Carlos Maza (left); Steven Crowder (right). Carlos Maza’s Twitter handle is @gaywonk, which would seem to imply that homosexuality is not only the basis of his personal identity, but also defines his expertise as a “wonk” (i.e., a public policy analyst). For nearly six years, Maza worked for Media Matters, specializing in — what else? […]

Two Trannies Arrested in Child Pornography Case Involving 7-Year-Old

Matthew ‘Marina’ Volz (left); Adam ‘Ashley’ Romero (right). Franklin Township, New Jersey: Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson, Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Chief of County Detectives John W. Fodor and Franklin Township Chief of Police Richard Grammar announced the arrest of four individuals, Sean Allen, age 51, Marina Volz (formerly known as Matthew Volz), age […]

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