The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Fat, Black, Queer and ANGRY!

    Ashleigh Shackelford (@ashleighthelion on Twitter) has described herself as “a queer, nonbinary Black fat femme writer,” complaining in 2016 she was “always scripted as the angry Black bitch” in her “organizing spaces.” As a one-woman embodiment of the identity politics that now defines the Democrat Party, Ms. Shackelford has few rivals, which may […]

The Final Frontier: Lesbian Astronaut Becomes First Criminal in Space

  Remind me of this when Women’s History Month arrives next year: Decorated NASA astronaut Anne McClain is accused of stealing her estranged wife’s identity and improperly accessing her bank account while McClain was on a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station — likely the first crime ever committed in space. The wife, Summer […]

Feds Charge Transgender Activist With Raping 4-Year-Old on Video

  In a Facebook post last November, Jakob “Dakota” Nieves of Lawrence, Mass., urged a “yes” vote on a referendum to prohibit “discrimination on the basis of gender identity in places of public accommodation, including such sex-specific areas as restrooms and locker rooms.” On Aug. 14, Nieves was arrested on federal child pornography charges: Jakob […]

SJWs Silent as Palestinian Government Prohibits LGBT Activism in West Bank

  Intersectional snowflakes are so triggered they can’t even! The Palestinian Authority banned members of the Palestinian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community from carrying out any activities in the West Bank. The ban came after the grassroots group Al-Qaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society (Arabic for “the bow”), which […]

Never Trust a Bisexual

  Just a few months ago, I wrote: Liam Hemsworth recently married Miley Cyrus, a decision he will regret “but once and that will be continually.” . . . Probably I’m too judgmental, too opinionated, too negative in my attitude toward current social problems. But isn’t it obvious that a shortage of judgment is the underlying problem? If grown-ups […]

Police in Canada Arrest #WaxMyBalls Tranny Jonathan ‘Jessica’ Yaniv

  Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv (@trustednerd on Twitter) has become internationally notorious for his efforts to force women who run waxing services for women to do their thing on his . . . uh, thing. Because of Canada’s “human rights” recognition of transgenderism, Yaniv has been able to claim he is a victim of illegal discrimination […]

‘Aiyona Hunt’ Is Not a Woman

  The man calling himself “Aiyona Hunt” (@Aiyonahunt01 on Twitter) has repeatedly succeeded in getting Twitter support staff to suspend the accounts of feminists who have complained about his sick misogynistic behavior. Of course, “Aiyona” (a) enjoys using the women’s restroom, (b) likes wearing high heels and (c) calls himself a “lesbian.” These are symptomatic […]

They Told Me If I Voted for Trump, Jews Would Suffer Legal Persecution …

. . . and they were right! A non-profit is fighting back against a lawsuit from the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which has forced its closure and shut down its crowdfunding platform. Arthur Goldberg has been a target of SPLC since 2012. He and non-profits with which he is affiliated have been sued […]

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