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Let’s Talk About Things That Never Happen, According to Mainstream Media

Posted on | March 2, 2024 | 1 Comment

Say hello to April Bradford, whose name you will never hear mentioned on CNN. Miss Bradford, formerly a teacher in Floyd County, Kentucky, is an excellent reminder of why this blog exists, and therefore also a reminder that you should hit the freaking tip jar, but I digress . . .

Why am I here? What am I doing? Don’t worry, I’m not suffering an existential crisis. It’s just that sometimes it helps to remind myself (and also the readers) of why this blog exists, i.e., media bias.

If there were no bias in the media, there would be no need for me to call attention to stories that most Americans are never going to hear about, mainly because of the partisan obsession with identity politics. Because (a) the Democratic Party is organized on the basis of appealing to Designated Victim Groups, and (b) most so-called “journalists” in America are actually “Democratic operatives with bylines,” therefore (c) consideration of when a crime constitutes a news story of national importance depends upon whether Certain People are the victims or perpetrators of the crime. You have perhaps heard of Coulter’ Law: “The longer it takes the news media to identify a mass shooter in the United States, the less likely it is to be a white male.”

Do you suffer from irrational fear — which is what “phobia” means — or are you consumed by hate? Are your politics a function of mere prejudice? Dear reader, are you a RAAAAACIST? No matter how often Democrats make such accusations against their critics and opponents, we ought to resist the temptation to plead guilty, to apologize and grovel and offer explanations or excuses. You don’t even have to give those bastards a denial. Remember: You have the right to remain silent.

Why will you never hear April Bradford’s name mentioned on CNN? Because she is something that the liberal media wishes us to believe is non-existent. April Bradford is a lesbian child molester:

A former Floyd County educator was sentenced Thursday to three-and-a-half years in prison for crimes involving the sexual assault of minors while she was their coach and teacher, Kentucky Attorney General Russell Coleman announced.
April Bradford, 51, of Weeksbury, pleaded guilty on November 30 to eight counts of sodomy third degree and 11 counts of sex abuse first degree, a news release from Coleman said. Coleman’s office prosecuted the case.
As part of her guilty plea, Bradford admitted to sexually abusing two minors between 1997 and 2007, both of whom she held a position of authority over as their coach and teacher during the victims’ middle and high school years.
“The offenders who exploit children inflict painful damage that lasts long beyond the time of their crimes. We in law enforcement must continue adapting to protect our young people from these predators,” said Coleman.
Bradford was suspended as assistant principal of South Floyd Elementary School when the abuse allegations came to light in 2022.
In addition to her prison sentence, Bradford will be a lifetime sex-offender registrant under the Kentucky sex offender registry, which includes five years of post-incarceration supervision by the Department of Corrections. A condition of the plea was a 10-year interpersonal protective order against Bradford for the benefit of the victims.
Survivors of Bradford’s abuse read statements at the sentencing:
“April Bradford was a terrible influence on my life and caused more damage than good,” said Mary Prater. “She deceived me, my family, our school and everyone in the community. I can stand today with my head held high knowing that God gave me and Jessica the strength to grow up and make it stop.”
Prater and Jessica Hensley recently told the Herald-Leader they are frustrated more hasn’t been done to address teachers who prey on students.
“Ever since I realized what my interactions with April truly were, I had a burning desire to come forward. I constantly worried about the generation of girls that were following me,” said Hensley’s sentencing statement. “This legal journey has been mentally difficult, but I am grateful.”
Coleman said he was grateful to Prater and Hensley for using their “powerful stories to ensure justice was done,” according to the sentencing announcement.
A September 2022 investigation by the Herald-Leader highlighted the problem of teacher sexual misconduct in Kentucky. The newspaper obtained 194 cases of teachers who voluntarily surrendered or had their license revoked or suspended from 2016 to 2021. Of those, 118 — 61% — lost their license due to sexual misconduct.
House Bill 275 in the 2024 General Assembly, filed by House Education Committee Chairman James Tipton, R-Taylorsville, would strengthen a school’s ability to prevent child sexual abuse by adult staff. It increases reporting requirements for teachers, making it more difficult for teachers who had previously been accused of sexual misconduct to move from school to school.
Under the bill, any prior allegation of sexual misconduct would be kept in the teacher’s file unless it was proven false — then it would be removed. Teachers would also have to undergo training on appropriate boundaries between teachers and students. Both Prater and Hensley previously said the legislation is overdue.
The current bill has been approved by the Kentucky House of Representatives but has not yet been addressed in the Senate. A similar bill was proposed in 2023 but did not pass.

Dana Pico remarks on “justice” for this sex offender:

Perhaps just 3½ years for a lesbian in lady jail isn’t really “address(ing) teachers who prey on students”? . . .
Under Miss Bradford’s original charges, she faced a possible 265 years in prison, yet her attorney managed to negotiate it down to 3½. Simply one conviction on a Class B felony yields a maximum sentence of 20 years, which would seem to seem to be appropriate. As it is, Miss Bradford will be only 54 or 55 years old when she gets out, plenty of time left to enjoy life as best she can.

Really, think of what sentence the court might impose on a male teacher charged with molesting two girls, including one whose abuse began in middle school. Do you really think the sentence for such an offender would be a mere 3½ years? But never mind that . . .

Here’s what I said about this case in December:

Years ago, I realized that the media deal with what we are now supposed to call “the LGBTQ community” not as reporters, but as public-relations agents. Their overriding concern is to ensure that the public receives only favorable information about gay people. Even when the news about gay people is very negative — and hey, the AIDS epidemic was kind of a bummer — the coverage is designed to encourage sympathy for gay people, who are portrayed as Just Like You and Me (Only Better).

And as I said when gay activists Dale Zulock and Zachary Jacoby Zulock were arrested for pimping out their two adopted sons, “the media want us to believe that there is no such thing as a gay pedophile.”

Because gay people are presumed to be constituents of the Democratic Party, there is a see-no-evil stance toward gay people in the media. Therefore crimes like this never get national coverage, but are treated as strictly local news. But if a gay person claims to be the victim of a crime? Well, Jussie Smollett could not be reached for comment.

This is not about hating gay people. It’s about hating the media, in particular, liberal journalists who think of themselves as paragons of moral virtue, even while they engage in shameful dishonesty.

Hating the media is the raison d’être of this blog and, as always, the Five Most Important Words in the English Language are:



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