The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Jewish Candidate for Louisville Mayor Survives BLM Assassination Attempt

Less than a week ago, writing about a fringe black “liberation” group, I warned that “there is no guarantee that the next radical gesture will end so harmlessly,” and an intended target literally dodged a bullet this week: Police have arrested a suspect they say was responsible for the attempted murder of Louisville Democratic mayoral […]

Brooke Litchfield Is a Dangerous Whore

Two years ago, police arrested 19-year-old Brooke Litchfield in Kentucky after she and a boyfriend were accused of brutally robbing a man who had posted on social media about receiving an inheritance: Jefferstontown Police say Litchfield, [22-year-old James] Rice and another man went to HomeTowne Studios Louisville — an extended stay hotel — to hang […]

Leif Halvorsen: The Only Kind of Mugshot the SJW Media Will Let You See

Say hello to Leif Halvorsen, who was convicted for killing of three people in Kentucky “in a drug-fueled shooting rampage” in 1983. In order to fight “systemic racism,” the Social Justice Warriors who run the McClatchy newspaper cartel have developed a policy against publishing mugshots of criminals, because of the negative impact the publication of […]

Kentucky Cops Shoot a White Guy

The Police Activity YouTube channel has put out a lot of content in the past week, including bodycam footage from the Feb. 20 incident in which police in Kentucky shot 57-year-old Randall Lockaby:   When watching that 10-minute clip, I was impressed by how friendly the cop’s conversation with Lockaby seemed, up until the moment […]

The Truth About Breonna Taylor, Part 1: Separating BLM’s Myth From Reality

  Take a close look at those photos. They were taken Jan. 2, 2020, in the 2400 block of Elliott Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky. These police surveillance photos show a 2016 white Chevrolet Impala, with the Kentucky tag 140 ZAT. Getting out of the car is convicted narcotics trafficker Jamarcus Glover. He is exiting the […]

Mostly Peaceful™ Protesters Shoot Two Police Officers in Louisville Riot

  This is actually good news, relatively speaking. When I saw the mob unpacking riot supplies from a U-Haul truck (allegedly supplied by Soros-funded radical Holly Zoller), my thought was, “Uh-oh. This is gonna be bad.” Fortunately, Louisville is not Portland. There are about 120,000 black people in Louisville, but the protest mob — at […]

Louisville Democrat Mob: ‘Burn It Down’ After #BreonnaTaylor Grand Jury Ruling

  The Mostly Peaceful™ Protesters didn’t wait for dark to start breaking windows in Louisville, and I expect it to get much worse after nightfall: Protesters vowed Wednesday to continue their fight for racial justice after learning that just one of three Louisville Metro Police officers who shot into Breonna Taylor’s apartment will be criminally […]

3 Killed by Louisville Gunman Wearing ‘Justice for Breonna Taylor’ T-Shirt

  Cassandra Fairbanks reports at Gateway Pundit: A black male walked into a Louisville bar owned by a retired police officer and shot three random people at point blank range on Friday night — while wearing a Justice for Breonna Taylor shirt. The suspect was smiling from ear to ear as he was arrested for […]

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