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Why Doesn’t KiwiFarms Have a Lolcow Thread About TikTok’s ‘Tunnel Girl’?

Posted on | January 4, 2024 | Comments Off on Why Doesn’t KiwiFarms Have a Lolcow Thread About TikTok’s ‘Tunnel Girl’?

The two most important things to know about “Tunnel Girl” a/k/a “Kala Engineer” are (a) she’s not an engineer and (b) she’s not a girl, either. For some reason — perhaps TikTok has a policy against “transphobia” — nobody has pointed out the (b) part of that, even though “Kala” used the #transition hashtag on this video. But now “she” is headline news:

Influencer excavating massive tunnel 22 feet beneath her Virginia home ordered to stop
A TikToker known as “Tunnel Girl” for her unpermitted tunnel digging project at her suburban Washington, DC home has been slapped with an order to abandon the elaborate project due to “potential violations.”
“Kala the science girl” has amassed a half million followers while documenting the excavation of an underground tunnel system leading to a storm shelter off the side of her basement in Herndon, Va. since October of 2022.
Kala, who uses the handles @kalaengineer and @engineer.everything, has gradually shown her viewers the progression of a tunnel system that leads to a “sub-basement” chamber 22 feet below ground.
The Herculean effort entailed cutting through concrete, mining sediment, installing an elevator shaft to evacuate a thousand pounds of rocks up at a time, pumping out water, installing electricity and ventilation and dealing with setbacks like partial collapses and fires.
Part of her channel’s appeal seems rooted in her idiosyncratic presentation.
The woman claims to be an office worker by day and speaks in a robotic monotone voice while donning fashionable outfits, heavy makeup and manicured nails as she demonstrates her highly complex and dangerous home improvement project.
She works on the massive undertaking by herself in her videos, many of which appear to have been shot by someone else.
On Dec. 28, Kala posted a heavily-produced clip that showed her getting a visit from city officials who shut down the big dig.
“They did give me a stop work order and are requiring an immediate evaluation by a professional engineer,” she told viewers.
“Fortunately contrary to rumors here, it is constructed entirely below the slab of my house and it shouldn’t be too hard to get the permits and approval.”

The bit about the “robotic monotone voice” is what tipped me off that “Kala” is actually male. Also, clearly on the autism spectrum.

It would be one thing, I suppose, to dig a giant tunnel under your own home if you lived in a rural area. But this home is on a quarter-acre lot in a subdivision in the Northern Virginia suburbs of D.C. When the excavation struck ground water — holy crap! — it had clearly become unsafe, and a potential threat to the community. “Kala” may believe that it “shouldn’t be too hard” to get a permit to continue this insane project, but then again “Kala” shows a general tendency toward irrational beliefs.

The real scandal, though: What’s gone wrong at KiwiFarms that here you have an obvious psychotranny engaged in dangerous activity for TikTok clicks and there’s no “lolcow” thread for her? Do better, guys.

UPDATE: ‘Tunnel Girl’ Update: Why KiwiFarms Is Better That Mainstream Journalism



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