The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Typical Wisconsin Democrat Gets Arrested Twice, Charged With Five Felonies

What do I mean by “typical Wisconsin Democrat”? Well, how about a transgender-identified dude who posts lots of violent #Antifa memes on his social media and also enjoys posting pictures of his genitalia to “small penis humiliation” forums on Reddit? Is that “typical” enough for you? And do I need to explain what I mean […]

‘Underlying Psychological Co-Morbidities’

Thanks to The Tennessee Star, this week we learned a whole lot more about Audrey Hale, the deranged 28-year-old woman who wanted to be a man named “Aiden” and who killed six people at Covenant School in Nashville before being shot dead by police. Among the revelations this week, we learned that Hale had been […]

The Cruel and Stupid Lies of the Media’s Transgender Victimhood Narrative

For weeks, liberal media targeted Chaya Raichick (@LibsOfTikTok), wrongly blaming her for the death of Dagny “Nex” Benedict, who died after a fight at her school in Owasso, Oklahoma. The logic of this vicious smear was that (a) two years ago, Raichick called attention to a TikTok video posted by Owasso teacher Tyler Wrynn in […]

Why Doesn’t KiwiFarms Have a Lolcow Thread About TikTok’s ‘Tunnel Girl’?

The two most important things to know about “Tunnel Girl” a/k/a “Kala Engineer” are (a) she’s not an engineer and (b) she’s not a girl, either. For some reason — perhaps TikTok has a policy against “transphobia” — nobody has pointed out the (b) part of that, even though “Kala” used the #transition hashtag on […]

Crazy People Are Dangerous

Well, this is a sad story: Fred “Bubba” Copeland was the mayor of Smiths Station, a town of less than 7,000 people in Lee County, Alabama. He was also a freakazoid, secretly pursuing transgender fantasies that he posted online using a persona he called “Brittini Blaire Summerlin.” Somehow (the details are not clear to me) […]

‘Kill All You Little Crackers’

“I’d be willing to speculate,” my brother Kirby said, when I mentioned that the Nashville shooter’s “manifesto” had finally been leaked, “that this person’s brain got poisoned during the lockdown. They went down a rabbit hole, and never came back.” And that’s almost certainly correct. Like me, my brother is a longtime student of criminal […]

Carnac the Magnificent Knows the Answer

If you’re old enough to remember when late-night TV was actually funny, you remember “Carnac the Magnificent.” In a recurring Tonight Show segment, Johnny Carson portrayed an Eastern mystic whose psychic powers enabled him to discern the answers to questions written inside envelopes which had been “hermetically sealed” and “kept in a mayonnaise jar on […]

The Destructive Force of ‘Equality’

Many Americans were shocked when it was recently reported that the principal of John Glenn Elementary School in Oklahoma City, Shane Murnan, is a drag queen who performs as “Shantel Mandalay.” Furthermore, the fact that Murnan had previously been arrested on child pornography charges might have been a red flag, even if the charges were […]

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