The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Right-Wing Trump Supporter Charged in Murder of Black Transgender Woman

As everyone knows, transphobic racist Republicans are constantly terrorizing LGBTQ people of color in cities like Atlanta: Atlanta police on high alert after 2 Black trans women shot to death a week apart April 21, 2023 ATLANTA — Police are working to determine if the murders of two Black transgender metro Atlanta women a week […]

I’ll Take ‘Symptomatic Evidence of Demonic Possession’ for $400, Alex

Powerful urges to engage in self-destructive violence? Hearing voices in your head? Yep, sounds like satanic spirits are at work: Elliot Page — the transgender Hollywood star formerly known as Ellen Page — has revealed that she was on a zoom call with a doctor to schedule transgender surgery “within weeks” of hearing voices in […]

Tranny Canned: Bud Light Marketing Executive Now on ‘Leave of Absence’

Dylan Mulvaney is a show-business scam — an unemployed actor invented a “female” character, turned this into a TikTok comedy channel and, because millions of people are too stupid to see through the scam, became a viral online sensation. His agent was able to persuade a bunch of companies to sponsor Dylan as an “influencer,” […]

Crazy Moms Are Dangerous

Last month, I commented on this situation (“Hiding In Plain Sight: Jeanette Jennings and Transgender Munchausen by Proxy”) wherein the TV reality show personality known as “Jazz Jennings” was obviously being manipulated by his/“her” mother, Jeanette, in what was clearly a case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. This psychodrama has been playing out for eight […]

Crazy People Are Dangerous: Teen Psycho Tranny Arrested After Planning Mass Murder at Colorado Middle School

Yeah, I know what you’re saying: “Pretty sure I saw Teen Psycho Tranny open for the Talking Heads in 1983.” But all joking aside . . . A 19-year-old former student has been accused of threatening to shoot up multiple schools and churches in Colorado Springs, Colorado, according to an affidavit from the 18th Judicial […]

#WaxMyBalls Update

Has it really been more than three years since I last updated readers on the bizarre career of Canadian pervert Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv? When last we checked in on “Jessica,” he/“she” had been arrested in January 2020 on charges of assaulting a Canadian journalist outside a courthouse. In case you’d forgotten — who could ever […]

Nashville Shooting: Expert on Violence Agrees That Crazy People Are Dangerous

OK, so forensic psychologist Dr. Helen Smith did not say those exact words during her appearance today on Fox News, but we can read between the lines as she discusses Audrey Hale’s murder spree: “When I did studies in the late ’90s on girls who kill or girls who are violent, I found that girls […]

Nashville Shooter Left ‘Manifesto,’ Was ‘High-Functioning’ Autistic

In an afternoon press conference, police confirmed that Audrey Hale — the transgender shooter who killed three 9-year-old kids and three adult staffers at a Christian school in Nashville before being shot by cops — left behind a “manifesto” that we may expect will explain her motives. Meanwhile, the Daily Beast interviewed several people who […]

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