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To Hell With ‘Gender Equity’

Posted on | April 26, 2011 | 6 Comments

That’s my reaction to a New York Times story about how universities are faking their way around Title IX, which mandates an artificial “equality” between men and women’s sports programs.

Americans have for too long been tortured on the Procrustean bed of “equality,” which aims to destroy all custom and tradition — indeed, to destroy liberty itself — in order to render individuals as atomized and interchangeable units in a one-size-fits-all regime.

As the denunciation of Larry Summers proved, recognition of actual differences between people, or between groups of people, is permitted only to those radical egalitarians who propose to eliminate those differences in the name of “social justice.” And if you question the wisdom of their project, either in its ends or its means, you will be demonized as an apologist for oppression.

To hell with “gender equity” and to hell with Title IX.

(Remember: National Offend a Feminist Week starts May 2.)


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