The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Math Teacher Goes Berserk

Just a typical day in a Wisconsin school: Brenda Poulos remembers working in Kenosha last Friday when she received a series of texts from her son. “I know he’s not supposed to use his phone in school, so the fact that he texted me was already, something’s up right,” Poulos said. “He said, ‘Mom, something’s […]

I, For One, Welcome Our New Anti-White Racist Asian Academic Overlords

Professor Reynolds called attention to this story, which puts me in something of a dilemma: Do I really want to be against racism? Having long ago earned my dot on the SPLC “hate map,” there’s a certain reputational risk if I were to complain too loudly about racism, because I’ve carefully staked out a position […]

Fake Indian Syndrome

“Cultural appropriation” is now so frowned upon that the friendly face of the Land O’ Lakes maiden has been banished as racist, although it is far from clear how anyone was harmed by butter package labels. We’re not supposed to question the logic of these Crusades of the Anointed, but rather just accept the claims […]

Professor Demonizes ‘Wealthy White Men’ for ‘Violence, Deceit, Irresponsibility’

As recently as 2018, Kirsten Bradbury was paid $105,697 a year as an associate professor of psychology at the University of Texas. Bradbury, who also has a private practice in Austin as a clinical psychologist, apparently now only teaches part-time at the university, so that her pay in 2022 was only around $60,000, but still […]

Escaping the School Trap

Every normal boy hates school, and it is fair to say I was “educated” against my will. Maybe some of my readers are weirdos — nerds and teacher’s pets and other goody-two-shoes types who derived a perverse pleasure from school attendance — but that’s your problem, not mine. There are few critics of public education […]

The Ignorance of Professor Paul Campos

Excuse the poor quality of that screencap, but Professor Campos was Skyping into his interview with Bloomberg, and apparently didn’t have a lot of bandwidth. He is a tenured law professor in Colorado, and writes at the left-wing blog Lawyers, Guns & Money, where this week he cranked out a doozy. The headline asks, “Are […]

Antifa State University: Charlie Kirk Sparks ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Riot at UC-Davis

I just met you and this is crazy: Charlie Kirk is a proponent of hate. Call me maybe. Or something like that. Could anything be more insane than the belief that Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk is some sort of right-wing extremist? He’s basically an Eisenhower Republican, definitely less conservative than, say, Ace of […]

Freddie deBoer, ‘Elite Overproduction’ and the Inevitability of Competition

One aspect of my personality that most people don’t usually “get” is that I am intensely competitive by nature. The reason this trait is invisible is because, over the years, I found it advantageous to conceal it. “Never let ’em see you sweat” was my philosophy, and I made a point of appearing jocular, happy-go-lucky, […]

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