The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Bedlam in Bellingham

Joe Biden got 61% of the vote in Whatcom County, Washington, which probably explains something about how Jenn Mason got elected to the school board in Bellingham. In case you haven’t heard — maybe you’ve been off the Internet all week, I don’t know — Mason is also the owner of Wink Wink, a “sex […]

‘OK, Groomer’: Democrats Go All-In on Promoting LGBTQ to Young Children

As a midterm campaign platform, I’m not sure Democrats have a winning issue with the “Drag Queen Story Hour” agenda, which is essentially how they’ve reacted since Florida passed its Parental Rights in Education bill. Deliberately misrepresenting the bill with the “Don’t Say Gay” slogan, Democrats at the same time insist that public school teachers […]

The Arithmetic of ‘Equality’

John Sexton reports on a failed educational experiment: Last summer the Washington Post published a report about California’s consideration of a plan to do away with tracking in the state’s math classes. As the report was quick to point out, the argument for de-tracking was one connected to race and to a desire to reduce the achievement gap. […]

Way to Go, ‘White Supremacists’!

You probably didn’t realize “white supremacists” had taken over San Francisco, but that’s just how clever and sneaky they are: The progressive San Francisco school-board president recalled by voters earlier this week claimed her ouster was a “consequence” of fighting for racial justice, and represents a victory for “white supremacists.” “So if you fight for […]

‘The Dismantling of Race-Conscious Admissions Would Deal Another Blow to Equity in Science’

Professor Reynolds linked this with the flippant dismissal, “White guy says there are too many Asians.” And perhaps that’s sufficient rebuttal, considering the actual stakes involved in the current situation (see, “Supreme Court can end racial preferences with Harvard and UNC admissions cases,” Mike Gonzalez, Fox News, Jan. 31). It is in fact the case […]

What Does ‘White Supremacy’ Mean?

This is a question I have been thinking about for a while, but never found the right entry point for exploring it until today, when Instapundit linked to this article at Campus Reform: The Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis hosted an event that made headlines before it even began, called “Is Professionalism […]

California School District: ‘Write Your Own Hex Poem, Cursing That Person’

In the name of “social justice,” California students are now studying witchcraft. Spencer Lindquist of the Federalist explores the “equity” resource page for Campbell Union High School District in San Jose: One section titled “Hex” tells the reader, “Hexing people is an important way to get out anger and frustration.” It becomes increasingly deranged, suggesting […]

When Democrats Say ‘Our Children’

Never trust a Democrat, especially when they start speaking in first-person plural pronouns, e.g., Joe Biden on Wednesday: “Vaccinating our children will help us keep our schools open — keep our kids in the classroom, learning and socializing with their classmates and teachers. I think every reporter in this room who has a child understands […]

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