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#WeinerGate OMFG! @RepWeiner Gives Worst Press Conference EVAH! (Video)

Posted on | May 31, 2011 | 74 Comments

I’ll add commentary and links in a few minutes. But it’s kinda superfluous after this astoundingly bad performance:

UPDATE: Ace of Spades finds the video . . . arousing.

The video is from Mediaite.

UPDATE II: Having previously remarked on the power of simple sentences, we see in this video how Weiner fails to provide a simple answer to the simple question conservative bloggers have been asking for three days: If you are the victim of a crime, why haven’t you reported it to the police?

People who had previously doubted Weiner’s guilt are, I’m sure, now beginning to doubt his innocence. And after a politician famous for his media savvy has such a spectacular meltdown on camera, it’s hard to pretend it’s not newsworthy.

Ed Morrissey is now blogging it at Hot Air (via Memeorandum).

Linked by Unified Patriots and by Bob Belvedere at The Camp of the Saints — thanks!

UPDATE III: Donald Douglas has video of a CNN segment on WeinerGate featuring an interview with Andrew Breitbart, and some astoundingly dismissive comments by CNN “legal analyst” Jeffrey Toobin.

Questions for Jeffrey Toobin: Did the people who elected and re-elected Anthony Weiner know they were voting for a man who, though married, would send photos of his phallic tumesence to a 21-year-old coed he never met? Is it merely a “lighthearted story” if an influential member of Congress (apparently) does such a thing, and then tries to claim he was the victim of Internet identity thieves whom he (strange to say) shows no interest in prosecuting?

I’d just like to know your opinion of these things, Mr. Toobin, because if my congressman, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.) starts Tweeting pictures of his junk to my 21-year-old daughter, I wouldn’t consider it a “lighthearted story.”

Just sayin’ . . .

UPDATE IV: LInked by Brian Preston at Pajamas Media and by That Mr. G Guy — thanks!

Weiner is starting to lose his liberal media Teflon: “Evading questions . . . is a strategy most often utilized by people with something to hide, and will only further pique the media’s interest. Weiner either has something to hide, or he has no idea how the media operates.” (My hunch: The former.)

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin returns from family vacation and writes: “Weiner’s certainly not doing himself any favors with his Talk-y McTalkingpoints deflection of the brouhaha. Even the Beltway press is not buying it.” You want to be sure and read the whole thing, because she gives Ace a little love-tap.

UPDATE V: Welcome, Instapundit readers! Some readers are reporting temporary outages due to server overload. I’ve put in a request for extra bandwidth from our host-servers. My apologies for the temporary technical problem.

UPDATE VI: OK, looks like the bandwidth issue has been resolved. Speaking of “issue,” did you know Jeffrey Toobin has some issues? And by “issues” I mean, shtupping Jeff Greenfield’s daughter.

At least Tweets don’t cause pregnancy.

“A lighthearted story,” I’m sure.

CNN: The Most Trusted Name in News
(And by ‘News’ We Mean ‘Shtupping the Daughters of CBS Analysts’)

UPDATE VII: Did you see how I just totally jacked that classic Ace riff? But if it wasn’t for the jokes I steal, I’d have nothin’.

But I only steal from the best, and I try to give back. Ace and his merry Morons have been killing on WeinerGate. To wit: “Of course, no Democratic sex scandal is complete until Amanda Marcotte embarrasses herself.”

Also, place your bets on the WeinerGate denouement. My money says: Terse statement of admission late Thursday, followed by tearful hugfest with Rachel Maddow on Friday.

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UPDATE VIII: Breitbart’s message to Toobin: Mess with the bull, you get the horns, baby. Breitbart name-checked CNN’s Toobin — mentioning Toobin’s own sex scandal — during an interview on Fox Business.

But really, who are we to judge? Let him who has not impregnated a friend’s daughter cast the first stone.

(BTW, a friend of mine asked, “Why is Breitbart making this about the media, instead of about Weiner? Because that’s what Breitbart is about 24/7: Understand that he doesn’t care whether any particular TV personality or newspaper writer is liberal. But he’s sick and tired of liberals holding up a warped funhouse mirror that distorts everything. Andrew knows exactly what he wants to accomplish, and he certainly seems to be accomplishing a lot more than some people who just sit around whining about media bias.)

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