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Herman Cain Accuser’s Lawyer: ‘No Value of Revisiting the Matter … Now’

Posted on | November 4, 2011 | 51 Comments

“Lawyer ethics” — Hold a press conference to announce that you don’t want to discuss your smear-job against your client’s former boss:

Joel Bennett, whose client is one of two women that lodged written sexual harassment complaints against Cain during his three-year tenure leading the group, did not identify the woman. He said she felt “there is no value of revisiting the matter now or discussing it further publicly or privately. In fact, it is extremely painful to do so.”

Emphasis on “now.” As if to say, ABC News wants to wait until the week before the Iowa caucuses to have your client sit down for her hour-long prime-time interview with Dianne Sawyer. Right?

Update (Smitty): Da Tech Guy explores the situation at length. I agree with Pete that this has been a good acid test for the Cain campaign, and will curry sympathy with the base. Pete is having a fundraiser, which merits your attention. Pete, however, links Dave Weigel: “Cainaquiddick: Where Source-Based Journalism Goes to Die” Really, Dave, the -quiddick? Did a young woman die here? Did Herman Cain demonstrate a non-grasp of the difference between an automobile and a submarine? This piffle didn’t even rate a -gate, much less a -quiddick. At ease, young man.

UPDATE II (RSM): Jim Geraghty: “Despite all the drama of the week, we know about as much as we did Monday.” Which is the basic point I made this morning: “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Politico?”

UPDATE III (RSM): Professor William Jacobson catches both Politico and the New York Times spinning the lawyer’s ridiculous press conference — at which he announced his client would not speak to the media — as having “confirmed” the accusations. Is it any wonder that lawyers and journalists are the most hated professions in America?


51 Responses to “Herman Cain Accuser’s Lawyer: ‘No Value of Revisiting the Matter … Now’”

  1. ThePaganTemple
    November 5th, 2011 @ 6:20 pm

    See, there you go, assuming all this shit is true. You don’t know jack shit about any of this other than what you’ve read, so how in the hell can I take you seriously. And since when did somebody telling a woman she is the same height as his wife constitute harassment to begin with? What in the hell is that? And what about the woman who allegedly went to his hotel room? What did he do, knock her over the head and carry her up to his bed? Get real? People like you, who like to scream abuse and harassment over the slightest excuse possible, make a mockery out of any legitimate claim there might be. Can’t you see that? Of course not, its not in your interest to give a conservative black Republican a fair hearing, let’s just lynch the bastard from the tallest tree. I sentence you to one week of YouTube listening to Billie Holliday’s “Strange Fruit”. It’s high time you Democrats and leftists drug your old Klan robes out of the closet. At least then I could afford you some grudging respect for honesty.