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Shorter Victor Davis Hanson: Postmodernism Sucks

Posted on | December 29, 2011 | 5 Comments

by Smitty

Read all of VDH’s America’s Two-Front War

What we have, then, is a war on two ends: the better off are hesitant to work more, given their fears that additional profits will either be more difficult to come by or not remain their own; the poor are hesitant to work more, given their expectations that entitlements will be extended and will be easier to come by. They both expect more government and they both as a result are not so eager to take risks and seek greater income in the private sector.

One of the reasons I like to refer to BHO as #OccupyResoluteDesk is that factoring his name out of the discussion serves to de-emphasize his importance in the analysis of the toilet bowl these United States currently occupy.

He is a false prophet of an anti-religion, whose chief reason for existing is the destruction of America. He’s an un-remarkable piece of work, selected, groomed, credentialed and escorted to his current position not because he has shred #1 of merit in the traditional sense; rather, that he’s a reliable tool for the task of demolition.

He is the totalitarian poster child for the return to a pre-Enlightenment patronage system, where the wealth stays in the hands of the Cool People, with occasional bread & circuses, and regular games for the proles. There is some wealth redistribution, but absolutely no power redistribution whatsoever.

His is the moment in time where the Ruling Class decided that it was time to finish the Progressive project, before technology rendered it completely unattainable. The Ruling Class still hold some sway, but, after Scott Brown, the ObamaCare vote, and a laundry list that fills half of this blog’s database, the Tea Party is still holding on.

Obama himself is irrelevant. The political awakening is.

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Update II: Daily Pundit says

The Tea Party? Let it actually take control of the levers of power, if it can. Then we’ll see. Until then, though, it’s all Hoping for Change. Witness Barry Hussein’s latest rubber-stamped 1.2 trillion dollar bankruptcy grab.