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Facts From Which They Wish to Distract

Posted on | March 5, 2012 | 37 Comments

Why has the Left spent the past five days ginning up a ridiculous controversy over Rush Limbaugh’s use of the word “slut” to describe liberal liar Sandra Fluke? Is it possible that they’re trying to distract attention from their own shady activity? Michelle Malkin is not distracted:

In a scathing fundraising e-mail appeal, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina name-checked wealthy free-market philanthropists Charles and David Koch — along with a growing movement of grassroots conservatives who have freely, voluntarily and legally given money to the Koch-founded nonprofit activist group Americans for Prosperity and its sister foundation. . . .
The threat of scrutiny was backed by Obama himself, whose official campaign Twitter account directed 12 million-plus followers this week to “add your name to demand that the Koch brothers make their donors public.”

Did you catch that? The President of the United States used his official Twitter account to attack the Koch brothers and Americans for Prosperity, a move that is clearly part of a coordinated effort by left-wing activists (including Occupy Wall Street and their union-thug allies) to smear and intimidate their political opponents.

Meanwhile, no fewer than seven advertisers have been harassed into pulling their ads from Limbaugh’s radio show, and why? Because of attacks from this same Obama smear machinee, that’s why.

If Rush Limbaugh isn’t on the radio, reaching millions of Americans to tell them about what Obama and his allies are up to, isn’t that going to make it easier for the Democrats to get away with their dirty tricks? So however much you may regret the use of the word “slut” on the radio, don’t you think that your offended sensibilities are less important than the work Rush Limbaugh does in opposing and exposing the Left?

On the one hand, we do not wish to endorse misconduct, but to throw Rush Limbaugh under the bus for a few insulting words? At a time when his enemies (who are also our enemies) are trying to destroy him? We need to re-focus our attention, and remember that old Air Force saying: When you’re taking flak, it’s because you’re over the target.

Rush has been bombing the hell out of the target for 25 years, and I’m pretty sure he’ll survive this latest burst of flak just fine — no thanks to certain people who overestimate their own importance.


  • Bob Belvedere

    Andrew Breitbart’s last article has been published, entitled:
    The Vetting, Part I: Barack’s Love Song To Alinsky.

  • Fred Beloit

    Meanwhile, George Will has completed his total transformation into David Brooks: 

    Why do Bill Maher, Eddie Schultz, and Keithie Olbermann still have sponsors? All three have said things just as bad as what Rush said even though the trollop in question has testified to the world that she is loose, and the targets of Maher and friends (e.g. Palin, Bachmann and Ingrham) never gave any indication at all that they had loose morals, in fact quite the opposite.

  • richard mcenroe

    Further meanwhile, heroic free speech advocate Don Imus, seeing his way back in out of the wilderness, is calling Rush ‘an insincere pig’ over his apology.

    Remember, conservative media pundits see this as a zero sum game, and would gladly eat their own for the sake of picking up a couple of airtime slots or potential readers.

  • Tennwriter

    I don’t have a problem with Rush.  I do have a problem with the advertisers.

  • ThePaganTemple

     Trump put Will in his place this morning on Fox And Friends. It was hilarious. Called him an overrated hack.

  • ThePaganTemple

    If it hadn’t been for Rush calling Sandra Fluke a slut, they would have just went after him for something else. I’m actually pissed off that he apologized, but I guess that was due to pressure from his broadcasters.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Will is sad he has no significant influence over MLB or the GOP.  

  • Charlie3410

    Wow, you far-right conservatives are  always lecturing people about personal responsibility, and when it comes to Rush’s loathsome and indefensible comment, all you can do it talk about other people’s wrong, and make excuses for him. 

    I see RSC  noted “how the maggot is also going after” again. Thanks for your non-hypocritical insights on how we should conduct ourselves in a civil fashion.

  • James Knauer

    I support full disclosure, given the vast sums that are free to move through the system.

    And Rush has peaked, likely sometime in late 2010.

  • Bob Belvedere

    This was the time to make a stand, and Rush failed us [and showed he is no Breitbart].

  • Bob Belvedere
  • ThePaganTemple

     A civil fashion, eh? So now you leftards are back to that, I see. Okay, if you insist, I’ll tell you a story of my civil bona fides. Let’s see. Okay, I got one. When I heard Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head, I cried.

    Admittedly, it was after I heard she was going to live. But hey, I did cry.

  • Bob Agard

    I wholeheartedly agree with this important post, and have linked it here:

  • William_Teach

     Why do you support full disclosure?

  • SDN

    You aren’t interested in civil anything.

  • SDN

    So he knows whose kids to harass.

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  • William_Teach


    Funny how liberals were against full disclosure when we were wondering where all of Obama’s online donations were coming from.

  • Vega – Poli-Cultural Humorist

    You have no proof this woman lied about anything. Once again you are attacking the President for calling out Kochhead billionaires, and you are still attacking this woman personally when you have NO PROOF she lied about anything.

    Pathetic. And it shows how weak your overall argument is. Grow up, “Stacey”.

  • Vega – Poli-Cultural Humorist

    He doesn’t live up to your asshole standards?

  • Vega – Poli-Cultural Humorist

    All of those women are public figures.

  • Chris

    “Meanwhile, no fewer than seven advertisers have been harassed into pulling their ads from Limbaugh’s radio show, and why?”

    This was a move by private corporations in response to public opinion.  This is how the free market works: these firms saw that they had more to gain by dumping Rush than continuing to sponsor him.

    You can’t just reject the free market when it doesn’t work exactly the way you want it to.  I thought that’s what liberals did?

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  • ThePaganTemple

     No he doesn’t. He should be willing to recognize a leftist asshole and ream it through with a broken and sharpened broomstick. But I guess not everyone appreciates my sense of whimsy.

  • Vega – Poli-Cultural Humorist

    Limbaugh could buy and sell you.

    And it’s east to be an Internet thug, meanwhile you live at home with mom and work at the local Piggly Wiggly.

  • Mike G.

     Well…Fluke put herself out there and by doing so, became a public figure herself.

    And truth be told…if Elena Kagen had had a child, I imagine it would look somewhat like Fluke.

  • Mike G.

     a broken and sharpened broomstick with splinters…sideways. There, fixed that for ya. 😉

  • Vega – Poli-Cultural Humorist

    You conservatives and your sick fantasies.

    No wonder you hear “birth control” and you think “prostitute”.

    It’s force of habit.

  • Mike G.

     Actually, Carbonite’s competitor, has had a tremendous influx of new customers in the last few days…so many in fact that their servers were flooded. If I were you and owned stock in Carbonite, I’d sell it in a hurry.

    Oh yeah, another thing…the reason Liberal companies like Carbonite, AOL, Sleepnumber and others buy advertizing on Conservative talk radio is because that’s where the money is.

    I imagine those businesses will be losing a lot of customers.

  • richard mcenroe

    Hey, no way, man, I’m never leaving carbonite! I need them to store all my downloaded copies of Stop Loss and Redacted.  Uh, did I type that out loud?  I hope the FBI doesn’t go there looking for them…

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  • ThePaganTemple

     And if I was a betting man, I’d be willing to bet it wouldn’t take much for me to convince you to suck your own shit off my cock.

  • ThePaganTemple

     But we do have proof that she’s an ugly fucking cunt, cos pictures don’t lie.

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