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Sarah Palin’s Secret Plot To Capture The White House In 2012?

Posted on | March 17, 2012 | 18 Comments

by Smitty

One is tempted to wonder if the Left wasn’t more disappointed than the Right by Sarah Palin’s demurring from diving into the nomination meat grinder. Geoffrey Dunn, at the Puffington Host:

Anyone who has watched Sarah Palin closely in recent months can only marvel at the “magical thinking” she embraces with respect to the potential outcome of the Republican Party primary for president. It’s clear that Palin still has her sights set on the White House for 2012.

“. . .watched Sarah Palin closely. . .”
I enjoyed her CPAC speech, and her Breitbart Is Here piece, and concur with her Obama Dozen as a going-in position on the highlights of the balls #OccupyResoluteDesk has fumbled in his three years of thievish buffoonery while denigrating the office of President of the United States. Oh, the occasional Fox moment, I suppose, when recorded and put on YouTube. Who diverts time from blogging and reading blogs to watch Fox directly anymore?
Sarah is a charismatic political force. Conceptually similar to Breitbart’s media force, in fact. I say conceptually similar because direct comparisons fall apart immediately. I guess those on the Left who obsess about politics might “[watch] Sarah Palin closely”.

“. . .clear that Palin still has her sights set on the White House for 2012.”Really? The Left inflates the Sarah Palin ’12 rumor mill like Zimbabwe Ben Bernanke inflates the dollar. Are we to believe that she’s mentally gearing up for this? That the candidates who’ve spent months and millions competing for the nomination are cheerfully going to scuttle that investment in favor of someone who sat out the primaries and lobbed the occasional FaceBook zinger at BHO?
Sure, I’ll support whoever the GOP nominee is, but the likelihood of a “secret plot” to put Sarah Palin on the ticket, much less, existing seems right around 0.
What’s the point of this silliness? Oh, look at the bottom of the post:

Award-winning writer and filmmaker Geoffrey Dunn’s best-selling “The Lies of Sarah Palin: The Untold Story Behind Her Relentless Quest for Power” was published by Macmllan/St. Martin’s in May of 2011 and will be published in paperback this May.

I heard it was a bestseller in Elbonia, with a literacy rate similar to the likelihood of a President Palin next January.


  • Pathfinder’s wife

    They seek her here, they seek her there, those Proggies seek her everywhere!

    The “Sarah Palin is da debil!” boogeyman that the left has created is indeed fabulous and astonishing to behold.

  • JeffS

    I suppose Palin is the left’s version of the Anti-Christ, if they believed in such things. 

    Perhaps they should just call her the Anti-Obama.

  • Garym

    This is almost as bad as Ann Coulter telling a group of  republicans (hopeful book buyers) that Palin is working towards a brokered convention, so she can throw her hat in the ring. Not to mention, hinting that she is a con-woman. Palin is not going to run and I don’t think she’ll accept a nomination from a brokered convention. What she will do is help the conservative brand and help people get elected. All else is just bullshit, so these people can build up thier credibility with the elites.

  • Rose

    I expect it from the left – it’s Coulter’s – and Medved’s (and others from the right’s) – absolute disrespect that makes me just sick.

    So we’ll end up with a nothing-burger and status-as-usual. The Progressive/Regressive juggernaut will go unchecked, and all of this will have been for naught.

    It’s in the mindset. Sarah gets it. Breitbart got it. The others don’t.

  • ThePaganTemple

     No, Obama is the left’s version of the Antichrist, only they think that’s a good thing. You even get a mark telling you what you can and cannot sell and how much you have to spend and/or charge for it.

  • ThePaganTemple

    One good reason Palin did not run may be the same reason you wouldn’t want to spend your vacation in the recreation room in a hospital psych ward. The farther along it goes the crazier these fucking people get and act, so I don’t see her getting in a hurry to change her mind about her decision any time soon. It would take a pretty resounding draft call to change her mind. It would have to be the biggest acclimation since Washington’s first election before she’d even consider it, I’m afraid.  

  • serfer62

    Smitty the others won’t have much to say in a Contested Convention reguardless of millions spent etc etc.

    The nominees name can come from the floor and since the Tea Party will be there in great numbers a voice vote of Sarah cannot be ignored.

    Things have greatly changed so forget the old way of politics.

  • Adjoran

    While Sarah does live rent-free in many leftists’ heads, Dunn has the additional incentive to obsess over her because Palinphobia will help drive some book sales for him.  It’s another case for Mel Brooks’ aristocrat, Count de Monet!

    Not to mention (why people always say that just before they mention it?) it would be virtually impossible for anyone other than Romney or Santorum to win the nomination at a “brokered” convention.  Just because delegates aren’t legally bound to a candidate doesn’t mean they aren’t loyal to him.  No way enough of both men’s delegates desert to nominate a third candidate. Not gonna happen, PERIOD.

    For some on our side, the Palin obsession is every bit as delusional as Dunn’s – and they don’t even get paid for it.

  • Charles

    Palin could pull a Patton. Just when the Dems finally figure out the First Army doesn’t exist, here comes the Third Army.

    It is fund to watch the harmless thud of all the books and movies meant to derail the Palin 2012 campaign.

  • Charles

    Whether it’s for naught depends on whether you want a President who may sign legislation passed by a Republican House and Senate, or one that surely won’t.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Two years ago, I proved it: Obama is The Antichrist

  • Bob Belvedere

    Stock up on MRE’s, booze, firearms, and ammunition.

  • serfer62

    Adjorn…the delegates are free after the first no winner vote. True that most delegates will stick with their assignment but a riotous convention will have to be considered.

    “For some on our side, the Palin obsession is every bit as delusional as Dunn’s” and who the hell are you to call me delusional?

  • RichFader

    Cheerfully would probably be too much to ask. But when the starting lineup’s not getting it done, sooner or later it’s time to go to the bench, whether the starters are happy about it or not.

  • Adjoran

     Some people just can’t get that.  Thick as a brick.

  • Adjoran

     That’s good advice even in good times.

  • Adjoran

     When did I call you delusional?

    Hearing things?

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