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It Is Not Often One Locates An Oversight In Professor Jacobson’s Reasoning

Posted on | April 1, 2012 | 7 Comments

by Smitty

The Card Game is a great feature over at Legal Insurrection, and last night’s was no exception.

This is cold fusion on the race card (h/t American Power):
“The new racism is denying racism.”

And, a little further on:

Thanks to Bill Maher, of all people, we finally have a simple, effective, and self-perpetuating theory of racial grievance used for political purposes, in which not only racism is racist, the denial of racism is racist, so the charge of racism cannot ever be defeated because to deny it is to confirm it.
Unless of course the charge of racism is made by a Republican or conservative or Tea Partier, in which case the new racism rules do not apply.

And so we need a new term for this Schrödinger Card, and I have a suggestion:

Erasism, noun: (1) The Orwellian attempt to mask one’s own racism by continuously accusing members of an out-group of exactly that, while strenuously denying one’s own habitual DNA-driven thinking.
(2) A masterful blend of Postmodernism, hypocrisy, and racism.
Example: “That Bill Maher is one erasist pig.”

Update: Daily Pundit likes the usage, and Obi’s Sister also approves.


  • DaveO

    More entries into the Smitty Lexicon:

    Democrat: (v) to say one thing while doing the opposite.

    Feminist: (n) enabler of rape.

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  • richard mcenroe

    While I would never normally argue physics with someone who where the pointy end of the boat is, I think the “new racism” argument more aptly resembles a Möbius strip in that it only has one surface no matter how many times you go around and around it… certainly apt in this case.

    A Schrödinger’s race card would more closely resemble one where you could tell neither the existence of the racism or its degree until you played it, whereat it would be forced into one state of racism or another by the observer’s act of observing it.

  • richard mcenroe

     That of course makes the observer implicit de facto in the racism, which is why it is hardly ever played.

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  • Adjoran

    The only way to satisfy the Left is for all of us to denounce ourselves, give all our property to The Collective, and report to our nearest Rehabilitation Facility for reeducation.

  • Bob Belvedere

    …give all of the property to the Hive Mind….

    There, fixed that for you.