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Misandry, Misogyny and Mrs. Romney

Posted on | April 14, 2012 | 19 Comments

Ann Romney and her patriarchal oppressors, circa 1976

Cassandra at Villanous Company does her Alpha Female bitch-goddess workout on James Taranto, who had the temerity to offer a sympathetic view of young male existence in the post-feminist society:

At the same time, there is good reason for males (men as well as boys) to be more fearful of sex than females. Contemporary reproductive technology and law place all the burden for unwanted pregnancy on them. Between the pill and abortion, women have complete control over the reproductive process. They can avoid or end any unwanted pregnancy, and the man involved has no say in the matter. In Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), the U.S. Supreme Court went so far as to hold that a married woman has the constitutional right to abort her husband’s child without even telling him. . . .
This is a serious problem with worrying economic and social implications. No amount of feminist happy talk about “choice” or Bennett-like bluster about “manning up” is going to solve it.

Cassandra is greatly annoyed by Taranto’s sympathy for the young devils and, somehow, this gets aggregated at Memeorandum along with a post by Darleen Click talking back to left-wing “Vagina Warriors,” among them the predictably ridiculous Amanda Marcotte:

[Ann] Romney has a secret weapon up her sleeve: Housewife Romanticization. She knows the feminine mystique still runs strong in this country, and that there’s a strong tradition of idiotic platitudes about the greatness of housewives that exist to conceal very real concerns about inequality and female dependency, concerns that were raised in the 60s and haven’t ever been completely killed off despite heavy use of meaningless platitudes.

With feminists like Marcotte, using the vagina in a biologically normal way (penis + gametes = zygote = infant) is horrifying. They can endorse anything sexual except holy matrimony and traditional motherhood. Their reaction to Ann Romney (five kids) is the same as their reaction to Sarah Palin (five kids) or Karen Santorum (seven kids), and nothing can match their infinite contempt for Michelle Duggar (19 kids).

Indeed, “the personal is political” for Marcotte and her ilk: The mere existence of non-feminist women is an affront to their sensibilities. And you get the idea their sensibilities are so profoundly warped by neurotic insecurities that it takes an enormous effort for them to maintain any semblance of sanity.

As for what inspired Cassandra to go off on Taranto, I’m not sure. Maybe my pot-stirring post yesterday put him on her radar screen. At any rate, the great thing about being a married man is that you only have to worry about keeping one woman happy — or at least happy enough that she doesn’t knife you to death in your sleep. Mrs. Other McCain just shared with me a joke her friend posted on Facebook:

“One day a long time ago, there was a woman who did not whine, nag or bitch. But that was a long time ago, and it was only for one day.”


UPDATE: Bob Belvedere recounts his arguments with Joy McCann in “The Tragedy Of ‘Conservative Feminism’” — the scare-quotes necessary to denote the oxymoron.


  • Lisa Graas
  • Anamika

    Here’s a joke I would like  to share with you:

    At the board meeting, the president, heated by the discussion, gets up and starts pacing up and down. His secretary notices that his fly is open so she whispers to him, “Mr. President, your garage door is open. One can see everything inside.”

    “Ah, and can you see my new Ferrari?”

    “No,” replies the secretary, “all I see is a Fiat with two flat tires!”

  • Adjoran

    Mandy still hasn’t come to grips with her own inadequacy.  Maybe if John Edwards draws a long prison sentence she can get some closure on how she lost out on Breck Girl seed to Rielle Hunter.

  • TC_LeatherPenguin

    “At any rate, the great thing about being a married man is that you only
    have to worry about keeping one woman happy — or at least happy enough
    that she doesn’t knife you to death in your sleep.”

    TESTIFY, BROTHER! (if she ever gets her hands on the gun locker’s keys, I’m doomed)

  • robertstacymccain

    Yeah, I believe it was Mike Huckabee who said if he ever cheated on his wife, he’d find himself lying in a pool of his own blood, and the last words he would ever hear would be Mrs. Huckabee asking, “How do you re-load this thing?”

  • HoundOfDoom

    I usually like Taranto, but this article was idiotic.  The sex/pregnancy game for us humans has always been the same.  I think where he lives has been overrun by emo boys.

  • scarymatt

    It’s good to see the leftist retards engaging Taranto.  It really helps to bring them out of their bubble.  Doesn’t help them, of course. They’re beyond that.  But we get reminders of what they really think, and get to laugh at them.

  • richard mcenroe

     And she’d just shot the only man who would pardon her…

  • M. Thompson

    New York?

    Of course.  But considering how the system seems to be set up to screw men over (even if you want nothing to do with it, you’re responsible, but she can get rid of it with no input from you what so ever) make celibacy and wrapping it even better decisions.

    And if you’re feeling fatalistic, life is a STD, and a fatal one.

  • Charles

    I think it would be “Haley, how do you reload this thing?”

  • Charles

    Honey, that’s your reflection in the rear view mirror.

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    My husband and I have always gone with the adage “marital bliss is made secure by the threat of mutual assured destruction”; has so far worked swimmingly for us  (and is one of the things I find completely attractive about him).

    I wonder: has anyone just confronted these women (or their male comrades) with the glaring fact that they are huge crybaby whiners who constantly desire to pester people for attention?
    Whatever happened to personal liberty to live one’s life in the way that individual sees fit?
    And have the courage and responsibility to know where your rights/freedoms end and somebody else’s begins. be you male or female (which comes in handy with the whole baby making, child rearing thing; doesn’t anyone have this talk with their kids anymore?)

  • Opinador Compulsivo

    Here’s a fine example of  a woman with complete control over the reproductive process :

    “And that’s the story of how I met your mother, little Lemmy”

    As they say in the comments, at least she’s keeping the baby and not looking for a “coat hangar-18”.

  • SDN

    As I pointed out to Cass,

    Because “equal treatment under the laws” means that women should have
    more legal ways to refuse to become a mother than men should to become
    fathers (even if the child isn’t his by DNA).

    “equal treatment under the laws”. You keep using that phrase. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • richard mcenroe

    Meanwhile, Governor Whitman McCain has been discovered making a passionate defense of stay-at-home-moms…

  • TC_LeatherPenguin

     Wife™ loves telling her friends that my friends are insane. On occasion, She uses you as exemplar. She gets nutzy when I point out the everyday incidents, and say, “NOT ONE of these bastards even heard of The Eneffable One!”

  • TC_LeatherPenguin

     If I let shine her onto The House of Morons….

  • Pathfinder’s wife



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