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Raw Story Disavows Ties to Kimberlin

Posted on | June 3, 2012 | 13 Comments

In a previous item, I mentioned that former Raw Story reporter Larisa Alexandrovna is an “indefatiguable defender” of convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin. Some other writers (not me) have suggested a closer relationship between Raw Story and Kimberlin. A week ago, Raw Story issued this official statement:

Raw Story was founded by John Byrne in 2004, and has only ever been owned by John Byrne (and minority-stake owner Mike Rogers, who joined in 2009). Roxanne Cooper became the publisher in October 2010, shortly before Ron Brynaert ended his tenure at the publication. Since March 2011, the editorial direction has been under the management of Megan Carpentier, who has complete editorial discretion separate from management.
Brett Kimberlin and Velvet Revolution are not now and never have been involved in the ownership, management or editorial direction of Raw Story. Neither Carpentier nor Cooper had ever heard of Kimberlin or Velvet Revolution prior to the start of the events described by Aaron Worthing, Mandy Nagy and Patrick Frey.

Just had to include that for the record.