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Zany, Thinking That The Days Of Legal Consistency Remain

Posted on | July 17, 2012 | 4 Comments

by Smitty

Joel Pollack over at writes as though there is one set of rules that everyone has to play by. As though subpoena-free attacks against Mitt Romney should receive the same scrutiny as, say, that little horse-trade that occurred over Snarlin’ Arlen switching parties to support ObamaCareTax:

Specter evidently expected to be repaid for his defection, and the Obama administration was eager to oblige by ensuring that he ran unopposed. So they attempted to dissuade Sestak from running–and Sestak made the offer public, in an effort to cast himself as a Washington outsider versus the octagenarian Specter, the consummate Beltway insider. He told the story several times on the campaign trail.
As Karl Rove pointed out at the time, either Sestak was lying, or the White House had committed a felony–namely, offering a government job in exchange for something of value. The independent-minded Jake Tapper of ABC News prodded President Obama’s then-press secretary, Robert Gibbs, for answers–and Gibbs had none. Future House oversight chair Darrell Issa (R-CA) said the scandal could be Obama’s Watergate.

I know, I know: recalling any historical fact without proper airbrushing by the Ministry of Truth is probably also felonious. It’s not like I, myself, can afford to buy a Senate seat, or buy my way out when it all goes sideways.

What a rotten, rotten pack of liars these Democrats are. Remember, kids: the Equal Protection clause now means that Merisant won’t be destroyed in court. So long as they pay their vig.

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