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Ryan Zinke Speaks For, Oh, At Least A Few Million Americans

Posted on | August 27, 2012 | 30 Comments

by Smitty

At Breitbart, emphasis mine:

When asked whether it was inappropriate for former SEALs to speak out, as some on the left have alleged, Zinke answered, “If the veterans can’t speak out, who can?

I think it’s a duty of every veteran and every citizen to be actively involved in our political process,

especially when the president sets out to negotiate away our rights under the Constitution. There have been other veterans — TR, Eisenhower, JFK — they’ve been active in speaking out and shaping the policy and politics of our country. I’m going to stand for what I believe in, and I’m encouraging every veteran and every citizen to do the same. Our country is at a crossroads, and this election is certainly the most important in my lifetime.”

On a related note emphasis again mine:

Michael Ubaldi writes: “I saw [2016: Obama’s America] with a friend this afternoon. The theater was easily three-quarters full. We were among a handful without gray hair, but for me, the D’Souza film matters in the same way the Chick-fil-A support day did: unanticipated conservative turnout.”

Americans, unexpectedly, are failing to live down to the Left’s model of a mindless lump of meat. I, for one, blog to echo Zinke’s sentiment. I’ve been blessed by God far above anything I merit, and fighting back against the spirit of the Commie tyranny embodied in the modern Democrat party. This blog comes to you out of my strong sense of duty to the Constitution, in its pre-Progressive ante-Postmodern liberty-centric form.

The Commies are going down. Patton:

You know, by God I, I actually pity those poor bastards we’re going up against, by God, I do.

Update: linked at Daily Pundit.


  • Brian D Paasch

    Damn, where’d the “Like” button go (for posts, not comments)??? I want to press it ten or twenty times….

  • richard mcenroe

    NO ONE has a right to speak out against their progressive betters, you dungfooted peasants.

    As that brilliant young coed at NYU said during their speech code debate on campus, “If someone is offended by anything I say, I shouldn’t WANT to say it.”

  • Red

    Totally Tweeted with a big HELL YEAH!

  • smitty

    The stars bit at the upper right corner of the comments?

  • smitty

    Dear brilliant young coed: it’s raining. Best go find shelter, lest your sweet bottom dissolve. #SafetyConscious

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  • Brian D Paasch

    Dunno. When I click that, it just toggles back and forth between one and two stars. Neither one nor two stars is appropriate for this post. Twenty stars? Yeah, that’s the right general neighborhood.

  • JeffS

    Ayup. I’m a veteran; I quite understand OPSEC, the definition of classified information, and the need for national security. As a citizen trained in the military, it’s my duty to point out threats to our national security to my fellow citizens. Obama is surely such a threat.

    General Dempsey: with all due respect, sir, you are wrong. If it isn’t classified, the veterans can discuss it. Including anything involving the Commander in chief.

  • Chuck Long

    John Kerry is considered a hero on the left for “speaking out” (read; lying) about his fellow troops in Vietnam.

  • Kevin in ABQ

    While I love the Patton quote, this one equally calls for “Ride right through ’em, they’re demoralized as hell!”

  • Adjoran

    It’s really amazing – the Democratic Party was in serious trouble because of their liberal policies and candidates after Reagan that Bill Clinton formed the DLC to drag them back to the center a bit, and they recaptured the White House and eventually the Congress, too. But the second they did, they immediately reverted to form – far left form.

    Al Gore nearly rode Clinton’s sheep clothing coattails to victory, but after that they barely nodded to the center. Sure, John Kerry was a “veteran” – of questionable provenance and inflated stories, who joined the other side when he got home. He was one of the four most liberal Senators. Now Obama was the most liberal.

    Marxist ideology is their whole game now, right down to “Forward” – an old communist propaganda slogan.

    But sometimes I just have to wonder, “How the heck did this happen, and so fast?”

  • Adjoran

    I think it awards one star per person. They should have had a class on this if they were going to change it all around!

    And served refreshments!

  • K-Bob

    We all got refreshments. Didn’t you get refreshments?

  • K-Bob

    I’m afraid that some things actually were Bush’s fault.

  • Bob Belvedere


  • Bob Belvedere

    Dempsey’s nothing but a Perfumed Prince.

  • Bob Belvedere

    That was said, I believe, by General Pete ‘Sheridan’ Ingemi.

  • Bob Belvedere

    As Stanley Kurtz documents in his great book, Radical-In-Chief, during the Reagan Years the Radical Left decided that going stealth was the best strategy. So many of them spent the next decades taking over the Democratic Party from within [as Michael Harrington had advocated for many years], while the Ayers-types worked the ‘streets’ in Academia, minority communities [hello ACORN], etc..

    At some point, the Puppetmasters [as Mark Levin calls them] decided to work on bringing this Obama fellow to the Presidency, so they surrounded him with politically savvy people like Axelrod, and they plotted and planned. I’m sure they had others who could be brought to the foreground if the Obama Plan didn’t work out.

    The old Soft Left Democrats never had a chance against this determined bunch – they were always Dupes anyways [as Paul Kengor and others have documented].

  • richard mcenroe

    I didn’t even get the complimentary toiletries pack.

  • PaulLemmen

    Like most of the politically appointed Generals and Flag Officers … suborned and complicit. Their ranks need to be thinned and scrubbed.

  • PaulLemmen

    A quite complete and astute answer Bob. Well done!

  • PaulLemmen

    Screw ’em, let them melt.

  • PaulLemmen

    Free Beer! (Limited time offer, first come, first served, Limited Supply).

  • PaulLemmen

    The Handi-Wipes and a spray bottle is considered a “toiletries pack”?

  • richard mcenroe

    You haven’t been to a McCain bash, have you?

  • richard mcenroe

    Free Beer Tomorrow!

  • Wombat_socho

    “They should have had a class on this if they were going to change it all around!”

    No kidding. It’s taken me a week to figure out how to blacklist people again. >:(

  • PaulLemmen

    Never even been invited! I’m in disrepute I guess. Couldn’t even get a reply to the offer of free beer, smokes and Cajun seafood 15 minutes away from the RNC site …

  • JeffS

    How right you are.

  • john

    Romney is the guy who lost, to the guy who lost to Obama. Why are even Montana politicians not promoting the only man qualified to be president?