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So, Other Than All That, Mr. Levin, What Did You Think Of Conor’s Article?

Posted on | September 24, 2012 | 5 Comments

by Smitty

A friend of the blog points to a carpet bombing of Wee Conor’s article the other day. Levin on FaceBook:

A mind is a terrible thing to twist
This puny stalker writes and thinks like a Trotskyite, reading people in and out of the conservative and libertarian movements. He has accomplished nothing significant. He has written nothing intellectually compelling or coherent. He has built nothing. Yet his conceit knows no limits. Eric Hoffer said of such people that they are driven like the teenager going through puberty but never mature to adulthood.
. . .
There’s so much stupidity, incoherence, arrogance, and fascistic thinking in his column, I’ve already tired of commenting on it.
But I am generous to a fault. He wanted attention so here is his 10 seconds worth. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce you to a complete idiot.

RTWT. It’s probably more attention than Friedersdorf deserves.