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Samuelsohn: ‘President Barack Obama Is Trying Hard To Win Veterans. . .’

Posted on | September 25, 2012 | 8 Comments

by Smitty

I guess Darrenn Samuelsohn’s opener may be true for ‘pander’ values of ‘win’. Viewed through some distorted Lefty lens, where veterans are just a large, disciplined special interest that can be bribed into line with programs and platitudes, #OccupyResoluteDesk really could be trying hard.

But veterans of all services spend a great deal of time in the weather. They know rain. They also know when that warm fluid down the back is something else entirely.

Obama’s veterans-outreach efforts have been “failing because voters understand that his defense cuts threaten our position as a global power, unemployment for returning veterans is at an unacceptable level, and the VA system is breaking under a backlog of disability claims that has doubled on his watch,” Williams said.
Ray Kelley, national legislative director for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, said he expects Obama will have some success this fall with the post-Sept. 11 generation of veterans because of the Iraq War and his programs for returning troops. But older veterans — the majority conservative white males — will probably stick with Romney, and that’s despite Obama’s work on many of their issues.

Sweet, sweet raaaaace card! But no: you could swap Mitt Romney with Herman Cain with scant effect on the numbers. Why? Because veterans are steeped in meritocracy. Which is why Cain, or other staunch Americans like Allen West, enjoy massive veteran support. Conversely, even the idle curiosity that might have garnered Obama a few military followers initially has long since worn away.

Veterans tend toward more or less intense support of our Constitution as written. Not many veterans may formulate or agree with an analysis as deep and thoughtful as Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016. Many vets may opt for something shorter: “Frickin’ Commie,” for example. How else to react to “Corpse-man” or “General McRaven”, or a party that puts Turkish planes over Soviet ships behind an Admiral speaking at the DNC?

“Trying hard”? Really? If that’s the notion of trying, I’m sure would hate to see subtle contempt. Oh, wait. Maybe we have.

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