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A Different Spin On Obama’s Denver Clock-Cleaning

Posted on | October 6, 2012 | 5 Comments

by Smitty

Daily Pundit links VDH in yet another rational review of What Went Wrong In Denver. Sure, as far as it goes. But if I may “. . .think of a man, and. . .take away reason and accountability“, maybe we need to recall that the Obama Administration is nothing if not the ultimate Vagina Monologue.

Viewed through that tunnel, if you will, what you saw was the Longsuffering Black Man endure Yet Another Beating from the Usual Male Suspect of European Extraction. If you’re a dunce who is the most oversold thing since Java, you have to assume the lamb-like, sacrificial role, as you fearlessly stand for Progress and Prefixed Justice (racial-, reproductive-, class-, economic-, voting-, sexual- –it doesn’t matter).  You have to turn Mitt into a preppy Pontius Pilate, out to crucify the Chicago Savior for being unable to overcome the sins of BeelzeBush the anti-Clinton. In other words, avoid any head-on, factual confrontation, where your naked nethers would be too glaringly obvious, and go for the passive-aggressive play.

That sounds like 47 kinds of stupid, and borders on 57 flavors of insane. But this Administration has taught nothing if not the lesson that, at least tactically, you can go a long way on a line of pure hooey. Note that Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton aren’t all over the news, despite Fast & Furious and Benghazi.

Look for a nonsensical blend of “You Don’t Know The Burdens I Carry”, and “Since You Can’t Know My Burdens, Any Criticism Is Unreasonable” at the foreign policy town hall. Romney is going to have to do a lot of homework to retain that “snappy but not snippy” rhythm he nailed in Denver while talking about #OccupyResoluteDesk’s abysmal record overseas. Unlike John McCain in ’08, though, Romney is as serious as lung cancer about winning.

American Glob explores the ‘Romney cheated’ meme.

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