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Easy Progressive RINO Test

Posted on | December 3, 2012 | 11 Comments

by Smitty

Already we are told to blame the Tea Party movement for not taking back the Senate, even though more “moderate” Republicans lost their races than Tea Party supporters.

Two words in response to this tripe from the Establishment, the second of which is ‘You!’.

Here in Virginia, we had to watch George Allen, who is a Nice Guy, get his T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII schtick applied to him in the suppository fashion. Why was I subjected to televised debates of a brace of ex-Governors, one animated, the other not? Because Virginia’s open primaries permitted the Democrats to pick their poison, and that was the one they’d tossed under the bus in 2006.

Props to Tim Kaine; for a statist throne sniffer, he’s an excellent salesman. Door knocking for the GOP ticket, I encountered people happy enough to vote for Mitt, but planning to throw George under the bus. Perhaps Jaime Radtke would not have beaten Kaine in November, but she’d have been more than a 6’2″ wad of cotton candy in a suit, I reckon.

As I was saying on twitter the other day, the GOP has to articulate a non-Progressive course, rather than quibble with the Democrats over who gets the helm. The Tea Party is the solution for the GOP, not the problem.


  • Fritz Katz

    Can we get a more in-depth analysis of exactly why George Allen lost? What should Allen have done to counter the lies being told about him?

    Here in Florida, Connie Mack (a conservative with an almost perfect voting record) spent millions of dollars explaining what a nice guy he was and showing pictures of his nice family and his association with baseball.

    Bill Nelson painted him as a privileged, drunken, frat-boy that was never present in congress. How you can do that and still have an almost perfect voting record was never explained. Nelson called him “Connie Mack VI” (associating him in peoples minds with Thurston Howell III). Even the news media always referred to “Connie Mack VI”. Of course, our media gave only positive stories about Nelson and negative about Mack.

  • richard mcenroe

    “As I was saying on twitter the other day, the GOP has to articulate a non-Progressive course, rather than quibble with the Democrats over who gets the helm.”

    As I have said, perhaps a time or two, there is no evidence the GOP leadership, Party or Congressional, is particularly interested in either of those options, as long as their rice bowls are filled.

    McConnell, Cornyn and Boehner could retire tomorrow and never miss a meal. They don’t need the damn jobs… unless they see their jobs as fighting harder against their own base than the opposing party to keep their DC insider perks coming, Their base has told them again and again what they want them to stand for, but they aren’t listening,,,

  • McGehee

    there is no evidence the of GOP leadership


  • richard mcenroe

    so you did.

  • Adobe_Walls

    The Tea Party is not the solution for the GOP, there is no solution for the GOP.

  • smitty

    Don’t know about Mack, but Allen’s platform was indistinguishable from Kaine, and never pointed out, for example, that Kaine’s party doesn’t do budgets. I’m watching George in the televised debates, screaming “Wake up!” at his listlessness.

    Virginia is the state of Henry Clay &c. Allen should’ve been raising the roof, but he looked on camera like he was coaching little league.

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  • Bob Belvedere

    I hate to say it Smitty, but people like Mr. Allen are Old GOPers – they don’t get it and never will. He reminds me of the sad last political years of Jack Kemp.

    BTW: This is another reason why the idea of JC Watts running the RNC is bad, very bad.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Egg-actly, Batman.