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‘One Takes Fun Where One Finds It’

Posted on | July 19, 2013 | 14 Comments

Remember when people told us that the Internet was a magical instrument that would enlighten the masses? Those “visionaries” of the Information Age failed to perceive what would be the result of granting worldwide communication access to stupid people: Trolls.

Trolls are stupid. Otherwise, they would not be trolls. Ken White is not stupid. Otherwise, he would not be a successful blogger.

So guess what predictably simple mistake a stupid troll makes when sending an obscenity-crammed e-mail Ken White?

(Hint: Your tax dollars at work.)



  • FenelonSpoke

    Problem ism their superior might not mind at all they sent out such an e-mail.

  • JeffS

    They might if the name of the agency was posted with that e-mail. Which Mr. White was careful not to do, and (I suspect) careful to imply in the subsequent e-mail that he could do.

  • Dianna Deeley

    Ken says in the introductory paragraph that the blogger involved is not him. Still really funny.

  • Finrod Felagund

    It’s always important to relax now and then and enjoy the little things in life, such as an idiot causing their own downfall.

  • rmnixondeceased

    I have always enjoyed Ken’s treatment of brain-dead emailers … such wit and slashing sarcasm. Keep it up Ken!

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