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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Who’s a ‘Bully,’ @GregFlynn? Democrat Operative Targets North Carolina Mom

Posted on | September 17, 2013 | 235 Comments

North Carolina Democrats have apparently adopted the radical motto “By Any Means Necessary” in their war to destroy conservative opposition, as the intimidation tactics employed by Democrat operative Greg Flynn against a citizen-activist make clear:

Lady Liberty is a blogger, but she is also a mother worried about her children. Greg Flynn (an editor at the left-wing blog, a former employee of the state department of education and a Democrat Party activist) apparently decided that identifying Lady Liberty by name would be a good way to shut her up, exposing her family to harassment from his radical Democrat allies. Every conservative in North Carolina — no, by God, every conservative in America — should be mad as hell about Greg Flynn‘s vicious intimidation tactics.


Lady Liberty has been a leading voice in the opposition to “Common Core” in North Carolina. You should follow her on Twitter.

Every blogger needs to speak out on her behalf.

And pray for ten thousand angels to guard her family.

UPDATE: Greg Flynn wants to correct the record and also to justify what Sister Toldjah calls “shutuppery”:

See? If you are a stay-at-home mom and Democrats recognize you in a photo, Greg Flynn will publish your name, because shut up.



  • Thinking Americanist

    anyone got an address on this guy? I’ll post it on my blog.

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  • Barry A. Brewer

    Flynn is a piece of whale excrement on the bottom of the Marianas Trench – you cannot get any lower

  • jb

    Dear Greg, I think you just became Toldjah’s greatest protector. Get my drift?

  • rm1evo

    Stupid demonrats have no leg stand on.

  • Redcrown21

    Is this the same 50-54 year old Greg Flynn that lives at
    2826 Barmettler St, Raleigh, NC 27607-4100, just south of Wade Avenue with the phone number of 919-836-2214?

    If so, how does it feel now Greg for you to be called out?!

    Redcrown21, all weapons are free. You are cleared in HOT for your strike. Call coming off the target.

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    If someone is stupid enough to use their God given free speech to cry out “Fire” in a crowded theater, then there will be hell to pay for afterwards. Stop trying to use us as carpets; Don’t Tread on ME.

  • Sheila Barber

    Other conservative bloggers are getting this treatment as well. Trust me they are. I have had to implement moderation of comments bc they were getting so freaking hateful. And let alone the other intimidation tactics. Liberals are not happy unless they make everyone miserable. Name me one, just one, happy liberal. You can’t.

    Sheila Barber

  • AW1Tim

    Flynn’s actions reek of despair and fear. They know they’re about to lose control of the Senate, and in 2016, Conservatives will have control of the White House too.

    We Conservatives are playing the long game. We might lose a battle here or there, but the aim is to win the war. And we will.

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