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Neal Rauhauser Uses @CatsRImportant to Spread His Evil Lies as ‘Hard Candy’

Posted on | October 20, 2013 | 99 Comments

Neal Rauhauser at Netroots Nation 2010.

“The Mexican Mafia sought and received payments from gangs in Orange County in exchange for freely committing crimes . . . Those who refused were put on lists that often resulted in violent retribution.
“Even those who appeared to have significant roles in the gang found themselves in trouble. One defendant, Raul Gonzalez-Hernandez, was placed on a ‘hard candy‘ list, which meant he was targeted for death.”

Associated Press, Sept. 25, 2013

“Throughout October [2011], Anonymous waged a war against online child pornography under the name of OpDarkNet. The crusade pinned the hacktivists against the web servers and users of sites such as Lolita City and Hard Candy, where patrons trade graphic images of sexually exploited children.”
Russia Today, Nov. 3, 2011

Brett Kimberlin’s war against conservative New Media — the federal lawsuit Kimberlin v. the Universe, et al. — would be impossible without the assistance of Neal Rauhauser, the disgraced Democrat campaign consultant whose “Weiner Truther” obsession with the 2011 Anthony Weiner scandal added new stains to his infamous reputation even before Rauhauser became Kimberlin’s self-described “associate.”

During last year’s controversy about Brett Kimberlin, I tried with little success to get people to focus on Rauhauser’s connection to Kimberlin, which was what originally interested me in Kimberlin’s story. Alas, Obama’s history with Bill Ayers had made the “progressive bomber” meme so irresistible to most conservatives that trying to get them to understand Rauhauser’s newsworthy role was difficult.

Another problem: Neal Rauhauser is incredibly weird. If you try to describe him, most people will look at you like you’re crazy.

“Facts don’t matter, that’s the perception of the situation, and the world is going to act on that basis.”
Neal Rauhhauser, (“Gaped Crusader”), Nov. 26, 2011

What does it say about Rauhauser that, when he created a fake “persona” to cyberstalk Patrick “Patterico” Frey, he chose the “Gaped Crusader,” which is also the title of a porn movie about anal sex?

And while you’re letting that little clue sink in, take just a minute to ask yourself this: Where, how and why did Rauhauser develop his bizarre penchant for online secrecy, deception and impersonation?

There is no need to suggest any specific answer to such a question, when Rauhauser himself has offered us quite an obvious clue.

A week ago, Melissa Brewer abandoned her @catsrimportant Twitter account after victims of her harassment exposed Brewer’s 2006 prostitution conviction, which involved a 19-year-old sex offender who was arrested and charged with being her pimp. This was newsworthy because Brewer had been involved in the “Stop Rush” boycott against Rush Limbaugh, had put out a “hit list” against conservative bloggers including Sister Toldjah and Darleen Click and, in June 2012, had encouraged deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s harassment of Kimberlin target Aaron Walker.

Brewer quit her Twitter account, and Neal Rauhauser evidently took it over, using it to smear, harass and threaten various of his enemies, including the defendants in Kimberlin’s lawsuits. Not only was the name of the account changed, but also the avatar and the profile art:

“Hard candy”? Isn’t that interesting? It’s prison slang for murder, especially used by Mexican gangs to describe an inmate targeted for death by stabbing with a shank, i.e., an improvised knife. Isn’t it interesting, as I say, that Neal Rauhauser chose the name “hard candy,” a term that would be very familiar to his own targeted enemy, Patrick “Patterico” Frey, whose day job involves prosecuting gangsters.

We could interpret “hard candy” as Rauhauser’s implied threat toward Frey, but the phrase also has other perverse connotations:

Oh, my, Neal. Oh, my, my.

Remember: Melissa Brewer says she is a sexual abuse survivor, yet Neal Rauhauser has taken over her Twitter account and renamed it “Hard Candy,” with associations of gang murder and child pornography. And why? To attack and threaten his personal enemies.

Rauhauser is Brett Kimberlin’s associate, and another Kimberlin associate, Craig Richard Gillette, was convicted of child pornography.

Probably just a coincidence, huh?

Maybe you should ask @catsrimportant about “hard candy.”





  • Mm

    “We know from Neal’s own admission that he employed martial arts on his wife to put her in an “uncomfortable posture,” and we know from the divorce documents that Neal was an attendee at AA meetings.  We know that he’s gone online and issued statements about his wife’s alleged drug use without a shred of proof while failing to mention his own history with substance abuse, a history substantial enough to require regular AA meetings and a sponsor. “

  • Matthew W

    It’s amazing how may leftists are one degree of separation from something perverse.

  • Frankie

    I notice the usual suspects are all circling their wagons. Matt, Fergy, Schmalfeldt, etc. And reading through it all it’s personal attacks and no proof. How very typical for that bunch, especially Schmalfeldt.

  • BredRightAndTrue

    Yes. However, Osborne’s passive-aggressiveness is no less disgusting when it comes to the way he discusses Stranahan and his wife. BS is simply more outwardly vile, as you know.

    Schmalfeldt should (he won’t) consider treading very lightly moving forward with regard to discussing and ridiculing wives in such a vile manner. There are numerous questions/insinuations that could be asked/made, for all the world to see, with regard to his current wife. He has offered some information on the Internet that could warrant some very bold and some very personal leading questions and assumptions.

    Right up Schmalfeldt’s “journalistic” alley, I’d say.

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  • Mm

    Schmalfeldt thinks he’s judgment proof. He’s not. By the way, he may be the stupidest person I’ve ever come across. Have I mentioned that?

  • Mm

    They were both disgusting. Stranahan wasn’t even tweeting and they laid into him for transparently obvious reasons. Shitfeld did so with a demonic glee that was revolting to watch. I think he is possessed. And really, really stupid.

  • BredRightAndTrue


    Wow. Schmalfeldt has accused an ex of drug use, as well… just like Nealz.

    Same shit. Different shitheads.

  • Matthew W

    “Same Shit, different rectum.”

  • BredRightAndTrue

    THIS. When Schmalfeldt gets on a roll you can just feel his delight at being evil ooze through the intertubz.

    He hates. Period. End of sentence. Tis the air he breathes.

  • bet0001970

    Every time I think I have met someone that is dumber than Bill (because after all, he is the gold standard), he posts something that completely changes the dynamic and ups the bar. Or should I say…lowers the bar.

    I am beginning to believe that Bill Schmalfeldt is the Michael Phelps of internet stupidity. Just when you think his time is over…he comes out from behind and surpasses his last feat of absolute jackassery with a yet, undiscovered new feat of asshattery. Amazing.

  • bet0001970

    Thank you. I just threw up in my mouth. And I need to take a shower.

    In bleach.

  • bet0001970

    This is the same guy who interviewed a convicted sex offender. Who does that? I asked that question before and got no response. Would you all like to know who actually interviews convicted pedophiles and sex offenders?

    Law enforcement officials, prosecutors, professional profilers, psychiatric professionals, lawyers, various court appointed professionals and priests.

    Bloggers do not sit down and have “chats” with convicted sex offenders in order to “get their side of the story”. At least not for any legitimate purpose.

  • Becca Lower

    If I’m remembering correctly from the interviews I’ve heard, Lee Stranahan didn’t charge for photo sessions. Ever.

  • richard mcenroe

    That degree is most likely imaginary.

  • Frankie

    Go read Popehat’s take down of Schmalfeldt. He makes much the same case. Bill is never happier then when he is spewing his evil and hate. That post is a thing of beauty.

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