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Helping Dr. Helen Sort All This Out

Posted on | November 29, 2013 | 15 Comments

by Smitty

Let’s lay down a few Lefty assertions that, while not absolutely true, may have some explanatory power:

  1. The federal government, staffed with ‘officials’ and ‘experts’, is your parent.
  2. You are a sheep, lacking free will, and are a sort of hormonal robot.
  3. You are a guilt-free slut-o-matic, or dildo with feet, and should both consider the natural plumbing a mere going-in position (heh), and indulge every hedonistic whim in the name of “liberty”.
  4. All of the traditional moral frameworks are, like, over 100 years old. Who can understand them? If you feel a transient confusion, see #1. In any case, do not keep your hormones to yourself, reach a proper adulthood, and attempt to rise above your 20g chocolate ration.
  5. All women are victims, and all males are oppressors. Building upon #4, the notion of equality before the law, irrespective of the selected gender identity of the moment, is dispatched to the midden-heap of history. (How can Democrats build a permanent political hegemony if treating everyone truly equally?)
  6. You are a victim. You didn’t build that family, you’ll never build that family, but if you give everything to #1, the feddle gummint can ensure that nobody else can, either.
  7. So eat, drink, be merry: for that is the career the feddle gummint has set for you.

Dr. Helen is mystified at the asymmetry of college kids, booze, and sex:

Why is it that women can’t think if drunk but men can? Why is it always about men controlling themselves and being responsible for any sex act while women are treated as children?

Given the aforementioned assertions, what we have in modern college is a cultural grinder whose chief product is Democrat sheep who will do several things:

  • make a lot of money, as they are rendered too stupid to grasp heterosexuality and the joy of parenting, and
  • give that money to the Democratic party, and finally,
  • never question what their Progressive Overlords say, as they’re too intellectually stunted.

Of course, that’s idiotic. It’s a purely myopic, culturally destructive, near-term approach. Following such an approach would lead to things like a “knockout game”, and holiday shopping spectacles indistinguishable from a rugby scrum. What country would be stupid enough to buy into all that?

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