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Were Vassar Students Who Perpetrated Hate Hoax Linked to Another Injustice?

Posted on | December 9, 2013 | 78 Comments

In August, I mentioned Peter Yu, who was expelled from Vassar College in what K.C. Johnson called  “The Dubious Rape Trial at Vassar.” And last week, there was another Vassar story: “Hispanic Transgender Student Kicked Out After Faking College Hate Incident.”

There may be a connection between these two incidents:

Genesis Hernandez, a transgendered, minority student who served as a member of the Bias Incident and Response Team as well as the Vice President of Student Life, was one of the two students responsible for the falsified hate speech. . . .
Cases such as [the rape accusation against Yu] are overseen by the Sexual and Violence Prevention Committee (SAVP), which is made up of a combination of faculty and students. One of the student members on this year’s committee is Genesis Hernandez, whose name is still listed on the webpage. The SAVP has a diagram on its webpage that describes the process for reporting sexual misconduct. The diagram was created by Imani Wong, the girlfriend of Genesis Hernandez.
Although Vassar has not officially reported the name of the second perpetrator of the bias, leaked records of discussions among members of the Vassar Student Association state that she is, in fact, the second actor in this hoax. Like Genesis, Imani has also left the school. If people who can commit such devious, fraudulent acts are on these committees, how can students trust that they will be treated fairly?

WHOA! Both Wong and Hernandez — now apparently kicked out of Vassar for perpetrating a hate hoax — were members of the committee  that oversaw the prosecution of Peter Yu? Emily Rose DeMarco writes:

If all that is required of a woman is a declaration of rape for a man to be punished, what is to stop any bitter ex girlfriend from doing great harm to her former lover? The school does not appear to have a handle on this bias, as students who are falsifying hate speech are chosen to serve on committees meant to protect people from these very actions. To maintain its integrity as a fair institution, Vassar must take this issue very seriously and investigate how widespread this discrimination is on campus.

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