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‘Misogyny’! If You RT This, Will @CCriadoPerez Report Your Account?

Posted on | December 11, 2013 | 44 Comments

Probably not, but you never know, and while I generally have zero sympathy for Anonymous, this news is rather troubling:

More than 30 Anonymous-related Twitter accounts, including @Anon_Central, one of the largest with over 150,000 followers, have been suspended by Twitter following a campaign of misogynist abuse aimed at feminist campaigners on the social network.
The four women, Labour MP Stella Creasy, Times columnist Caitlin Moran, freelance journalist Caroline Criado-Perez and campaigner Hannah Curtis, were all named in a document shared by the largest anonymous Twitter account, @YourAnonNews, which claimed that “mentioning these accounts can result in suspension and possible scrutiny for future accounts.” It also claimed that “Perez and Creasy appear to have some direct line to Twitter to get accounts suspended sooner.”
Criado-Perez, who has been the subject of campaigns of misogynist abuse before, says that those claims are nonsense. “I certainly don’t have the power to ban accounts, but I do report accounts that send threats and harass me,” she said. “Sometimes they get suspended and sometimes they don’t.
“I don’t bother reporting accounts that just call me a cunt, which is what they seem to think. Just ones that are directly threatening or are inciting harassment, like the Anonymous accounts have been.”

It’s nice to have this promise from Caroline Criado-Perez that you are free to call her the c-word without fear of being reported, eh?

I have no idea how @Anon_Central got suspended, but using “Twitter gulag” tactics to silence opposition by falsely claiming harassment is a continuing concern and, given the essentially totalitarian impulse of feminism, is this claim by Anonymous really surprising?

Guardian columnist Emer O’Toole seems to justify the bannings:

At the same time that the “PayPal14″ face felony charges in California for involvement in an Anonymous DDoS campaign in support of WikiLeaks, other Anonymous cells are using their hacktivist energies against feminists who report misogynist harassment on Twitter. . . .
In one document, an Anonymous cell names four women as having “pull” in getting Twitter accounts suspended; two feminist activist groups are also criticised, despite having no such power. This hints that the Anonymous cell’s problem is not feminists with influence over Twitter per se, but the feminist goal of changing attitudes to gendered hate speech. And herein lies a delicate tension: what, for some Anonymous cells, constitutes feminazis instigating an evil Trollocaust against free speech, I understand as activists working with an awareness that rape and harassment don’t happen in a vacuum, but in a cultural climate in which it is OK to intimidate women sexually.

Uh, “the feminist goal of changing attitudes to gendered hate speech“?

What can this possibly mean, except perhaps, “Be nice to girls”?

In case Emer O’Toole, Caroline Criado-Perez and other feminists haven’t noticed, conservative women online are subjected to some of the most hateful language imaginable. You could ask Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Dana Loesch or Katie Pavlich about this.

But perhaps the question you need to be asking is, “Why does Anonymous seem to have a misogyny problem?”

An answer to that question may be as simple as taking a nice long look at the mug shots of the “PayPal 14″ (click image to enlarge):

Twelve of the 14 accused hackers (86%) are male, and what a lovely bunch of fellows, eh? Between the “Living in Mom’s Basement” boys and the “Smoked Too Much Weed” weirdos, you get the general idea that maybe they haven’t enjoyed very active social lives.

Also, notice five of them have the silly “hipster goatee” look.

Of the 12 male suspects, how many of them would you guess have wives and children and mortgages and other adult responsibilities?

It’s a self-selection factor, see? Kinda like the sexual assault problem with the “Occupy” movement: Who wants to camp out in a city park with a bunch of smelly anarchist losers? Chicks don’t dig that scene, and the kind of guys who are attracted to anarchist demonstrations . . . Well, maybe they haven’t enjoyed very active social lives.

This observable pattern may also explain why feminists seem so angry all the time: They’re always hanging out with guys on the Left, who are mostly a bunch of wimps, geeks and freaks. If those creeps were your available choices, wouldn’t you be angry, too?


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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
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  • Dana

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    Also, notice five of them have the silly “hipster goatee” look.

    This really is one of my pet peeves; just how can any male think that a goatee (a goatee is just the silly little beard, with no mustache; a goatee and mustache together are called a Van Dyke, and aren’t too bad) makes him look manly?

    And do girls these days think that looks good? To me, it looks like they don’t have enough testosterone to grow a full beard.

  • Kevin Lafayette

    War o women, Kennedy has the only confirmed kill as far as I know.

    Everything the left accuses people of is either projection or explicit strategy. War on women seems to be both. Some Canadian Naomi someone, wrote a book warning about tragedy being used for gain. It wasn’t actually a warning, it was an alinsky style strategy guide.

  • texlovera

    Occupy/Anonymous douchebags vs. feminazis???

    Hope they both lose…

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady The new trend is the Whoville Beard aka “The Whaler”). I nominate Smitty to sport one for TOM

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Joe_Detweiler

    I wonder if false rape accusations happen in a vacuum….or in some sort of cultural climate?

    And hey, my BEARD covers the scar on my chin…..

  • Dianna Deeley

    Considering what the conservative women put up with, I am tempted to say, “Cowgirl up a little, ladies.”

  • Dianna Deeley

    That’s kind of guaranteed.

  • DaveO

    When feminazis stop presenting young sacrificial women to older male politicos in exchange for correct voting, I’ll believe they are serious about women. Since feminazis promote the rape and assaults of women through their consistent sexualization of young women, girls and children, I don’t the feminazi practice of quid pro quo (sex for votes) ending any time soon.

  • DaveO

    You mean, take responsibility and show some courage? How heartless! Don’t you know there are no Steel Magnolias to be found among them?

  • Dianna Deeley

    My brother’s beard actually grows like that – but he also has a moustache.

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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    We need to convince
    Captain Smitty to go with the whaler.

  • richard mcenroe

    Well, ya gotta credit Jack with a probable for Marilyn.

  • G Joubert

    This new addition to the list is reason #161 why I don’t do Twitter.

  • Quartermaster

    I only needed one reason. The same reason I stay away from all social media.

  • LeftistWhore

    Yeah, subjecting a woman to a trans vaginal ultrasound as a pre-req to an abortion when it has no medical benefit whatsoever, and is only used to try and shame the woman, isn’t misogyny, but a guy with a goatee who calls some conservative woman a c*nt is? Really? And what is with you guys? Every person who doesnt conform to your version of social norms(married, straight, homeowner)is suspect? LOL! No wonder people think you’re a bunch of fucking Nazis. No, women on the left are on the left because guys on the right are usually douchebags and we tend to make fun of you all the time for being such epic bores.

  • M. Thompson

    I’ll go with a Van Dyke when I can grow a beard, if only because I hate how it itches on my cheeks.

  • Quartermaster

    Nah . Raving leftist idiots think we’re a bunch of Nazis because they are utterly ignorant that a Nazi is another raving leftist like themselves. If they actually woke up they would know what a Nazi is. They’d also probably kill themselves because they would be so ashamed to realize they have been duped into being Nazis themselves.

    Women “on the left” have, by and large, been duped by people that use them for purposes inimical to women. They’re being raped, but are unwilling to open their eyes and see how the left is suing them.

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  • MattRoss

    This is strangely reminiscence if the #FreeKate supporters that use fake reports to ban people that quote them.

  • DaveO

    The ultrasound is given to save the life of a future woman, currently a baby girl who is unborn. Abortion for sex-selection is all the rage, and has been for many years. And here’s a hint: it ain’t males being selected for abortion.
    “Shame” implies a working moral system and good mental health, which abortionists actively work to subvert. If a woman is shamed by her abortion, she is demonstrating she knows right from wrong, and is upset at having considered wrong.
    By saying a woman shouldn’t feel shame is to say a woman is a beast of the fields – to be ridden hard and put away wet, because she is essentially mindless and soulless. That is the heart of leftist feminism: the destruction of women’s humanity.
    It isn’t misogyny to believe and behave in a manner that promotes the Woman-as-human being reality. There is no Progressive philosophy that treats women as humans, only as sexualized cattle. Progressivism, leftism is misogyny.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    I thought the same thing these folks have a really strange idea about what “stalking” is. Liberals think just mentioning their name or a post they made on a public social media is stalking. Go figure.

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