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#NV04 Gets Interesting

Posted on | January 15, 2014 | 13 Comments

My friend Niger Innis declared himself a candidate for Congress in Nevada’s 4th District today. Niger faces a GOP primary contest against a good conservative, and I’ve got some issues on his immigration policy, but (a) he’s my friend and (b) his candidacy may raise the profile of this key 2014 House race:

Republican Niger Innis on Wednesday launched his Nevada congressional campaign on a populist note, saying he wants to revive the “American dream” by expanding job opportunities for the poor and middle class and by helping small businesses thrive.
He said Democrats have not done enough to provide equal opportunity for the poor and middle class.
Innis slammed U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., for lamenting the gap between the rich and poor even though Reid has been in the majority power seat for seven years, including periods when Democrats held both houses and the White House and had more ability to make changes.
“They want to run on income inequality? Bring it on!” Innis said.
Innis also said his campaign will unveil a comprehensive immigration reform plan that would provide a pathway to U.S. citizenship for many of the 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States, although he said he would place a premium on ensuring the security of the U.S. border.
He said he’ll offer a health plan as well as Nevadans and Americans struggle to gain insurance coverage, now required by President Barack Obama’s health insurance law.
“We are a state that is filled with a diverse population of people who are not looking for government to solve their problems, but get out of the way of opportunity,” Innis said.
Innis, a conservative African-American and a member of the small-government Tea Party movement, is running for the 4th Congressional District seat now held by Rep. Steven Horsford, D-Nev., a freshman and Nevada’s first black congressman. Innis also faces a primary against Assemblyman Cresent Hardy, R-Mesquite.
The vast congressional district, created in 2012 after the latest U.S. Census, covers most of northern Clark County, part of Lyon County, and all of Esmeralda, Lincoln, Mineral, Nye and White Pine counties. Still, more than four-fifths of the district’s population lives in Clark County, which is the home base for both Horsford and Innis.

Hey, we need to talk about this “pathway to citizenship” thing, OK? But other than that, good luck.



  • Dai Alanye

    “Niger Innis… he’s my friend… [running] against a good conservative”

    Good luck with changing some of his ideas, because with friends like this the conservative movement has less need for enemies.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Sorry, Stacy. I will not compromise on that issue.

  • richard mcenroe

    Has anyone explained to him that those 11 million are competing with his own race for jobs and aid and academic opportunity? Because the Dems sure as hell will.

  • DaveO

    Today, “Immigration Reform” = amnesty for lawbreakers, criminals, and folks who disregard the law as it suits them.
    Immigration for legal immigrants, folks we want in the US of A takes 10 years, costs thousands of dollars, and separates families. There’s zero reason for that in today’s day and age, and if the TEA Party were to introduce reform without amnesty, they’d get the votes of most spanish-speaking, African, and European immigrants.

  • Mike G.

    The correct pathway to citizenship is for them to go back where they came from and apply for entry to the US in the right way. Otherwise, no way.

  • Mike G.

    The correct pathway to citizenship is for them to go back where they came from and apply for entry to the US in the right way. Otherwise, no way.

  • Quartermaster

    You can’t compromise on your existence. Amnesty is an existential threat to the US.

  • Finrod Felagund

    The problem I have with the whole immigration issue is that the setup we have now is horribly clunky and broken, but everyone that wants to reform it wants to make it worse.

  • K-Bob


    You just know that any Republican “alternative” is going to be some huge omnibus bill that no one will read. Then barack and Harry Reid will declare that it’s blanket amnesty anyway.

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