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When Lies Succeed

Posted on | May 6, 2014 | 14 Comments

Has America become indifferent to truth?

The events in Benghazi seem to fit the description of a general-interest non-partisan disaster for the Administration. But, for now at least, as galling as it is, it’s hard not to give the Obama Administration (and the other villain of the tale, Hillary Clinton) points for managing the public’s reaction to the (possibly preventable) murder of a United States ambassador and the flurry of lies that followed it.
Why does this work? Or, alternatively, does it work?
My concern here is that our side tends to look at something utterly indefensible like this — “controversializing” a genuine news story — and say, “This won’t work.” Or: “This shouldn’t work.” Or: “This wouldn’t work if we all kept Tweeting about it.” But for now, at least, it’s working. Why? . . .

(Hat-tip: Ed Driscoll at Instapundit.)



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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • K-Bob

    I had the same reaction as Rob. It’s an awkward word to describe a totally awkward tactic that only has the potential to succeed because of the leftist-dominated media.

    Only in their minds would the equivalent of floating a 1960’s era Soviet apartment block on top of the whipped cream of this excrement sundae of media coverage have any chance of success.

    The only sane response to Pouffe would be “FOADIAF.” But that takes too many words. Laughter is required here. Much laughter.

  • K-Bob

    You stole the code from my leftist comment generator, didn’t you? I was trying for a patent, too.

    And here I thought I had it well disguised, since it’s only about five lines of code.

    Wait, upon closer inspection, I think I can cut it down to three.

  • Quartermaster

    It took you 5 lines? I could have done it in one.

  • CrustyB

    No, I didn’t.

    Copyright 2014 (C) LibChat

  • amyshulk

    I was forced to see a primary care Dr {to be able to continue seeing my service connected pain clinic Dr.}, and she ordered meds I knew NOTHING about, and that just go to waste! She also billed me for the “privilege” of being fleeced!

    My taxes were NOT garnished, for this, which shocked me!

  • McGehee

    One nation, controlled by the out-of-control.

  • maniakmedic

    Yeah, that amazes me, too. I also enjoy them going on about how “free” they are to do what they want… until the pregnancy test turns blue, or they get a burning sensation when they pee, or they’ve got some psycho chick latched onto them after what they just saw as a one-night-stand. Sex seems to me to be the single biggest reason for people choosing to forgo religion. So I find it incredibly amusing to be told I need to lighten up and explore my sexuality and not let some stuffy old men in suits dictate what I do by a bunch of people who live from birth control pill to birth control pill.

    They see it as me being a prude. I see it as one tiny thing I can keep a lid on to avoid a host of very bad problems that could come my way.

  • maniakmedic

    It’s like you read the argument I got into on Facebook with a guy who wanted Palin indicted for attempted murder. Holy crap was that a cluster. I pointed out Obama literally telling people to punch back twice as hard and this guy couldn’t whip out the “that’s different!” fast enough. It eventually got to the point where I was just baiting him because he wasn’t listening to a thing I said and things got bizarre. I did manage to get him to drop all pretense of respecting me when he finally got so frustrated he told me to take my gun and shoot somebody. At that point it was “mission accomplished”. I got him to show his true colors. When I pointed out that that said more about him than it did about me, I got a backhanded apology consisting of him basically telling me I just don’t know any better because of where I grew up (which in itself is hilarious because he apparently wasn’t aware of my family’s little sojourn in the Middle East).

    You can’t make up the shit these people say.

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