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You Know You’re Baked When. . .

Posted on | June 5, 2014 | 41 Comments

by Smitty

. . .a three-day conference on the military featuring speakers such as Paul Begala and Chelsea Clinton.

I used to encourage young men to consider strongly a bit of military service after high school graduation. But Chelsea Clinton knows as much about the military as Chelsea Manning knows about manhood. And the prospect of CC’s mother, Her Majesty, being crowned in 2016 would afford everyone in uniform the surname “Stevens”.

The full sentence I was quoting above is: “McChrystal is currently in Pennsylvania for the Aspen Institute’s Summit at Gettysburg, a three-day conference on the military featuring speakers such as Paul Begala and Chelsea Clinton.

I don’t know what kind of dirt the Democrats still have a guy like McChrystal. Is he hanging on for confirmation as SECDEF? Would you still want the job after Hagel?

McChrystal left the door open to the possibility that Bergdahl behaved inappropriately in walking away from his camp, though he did not take sides on the issue nor discuss any of the evidence that has surfaced in light of Bergdahl’s return. The debate around the trade of five high-level Taliban leaders for Bergdahl, he noted, “raises the great issue that we should talk about – and that is responsibility and service.” There was potential that Bergdahl behaved inappropriately, he said, and authorities “should review that and see whether we met responsibilities.”

That sure is a lot of mush. I guess he is lobbying for SECDEF.

via Breitbart


  • JeffS

    McChrystal was a politician in uniform. Now he’s just a politician.

    So, yeah, he’s sucking up to the Dhimmicrats for SecDef.

  • CrustyB

    Four words:
    Chelsea. Bristol. Mud wrestling.

  • ThePaganTemple

    Are you kidding? Chelsea grew up between Bill and Hillary. The woman was born for warfare. For damn sure she knows more than Paul Begala, at least.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    I bet she can dodge mis-thrown lamps better than the guys learned to avoid thrown wrenches in Dodgeball-the movie.

  • Quartermaster

    I’ve been telling kids to stay away from the military for over 15 years now. It used to be a good place if young man didn’t know what to do with himself. The military allowed you to grow up and, many times, obtain some training that might set you up well for life. And if not, you some of the world, and grew up some so you could make up your mind for the rest of your life.
    Now, it’s a cesspool of social engineering and getting worse by the day. Most of the senior officers aren’t worth the metal in their rank insignia and don’t have the stones to accomplish much. The “blueberry” uniforms marked the Navy’s senior officers as total losers. The AF is into toxic leadership, and the others aren’t too far behind those two.

  • JeffS

    Yeah, I hear you, QM. I’ve been watching the quality of the senior leadership decline for several years now. A lot of the goats are making flag rank, and it’s showing.

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  • Bob Belvedere

    McChrystal: Perfumed Prince [ret.] and Disgrace [current].

  • maniakmedic

    It’s heartbreaking to me to watch an organization I have loved being a part of (the USAF) be ripped to shreds the way it has been. I am only ever half joking when I tell people I’m wondering how long it will take the government to make an unframed certificate the sole benefit for having served 20+ years. You probably don’t want to hear my rant on military benefit cuts while welfare programs don’t get touched.

  • bobbymike34

    Chelsea Clinton and Paul Begala talking at a conference on the military, that is freaking nuts ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!
    We are so doomed!

  • M. Thompson

    Anyone who has stars IS more politician than warrior.

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