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‘A Troubling Echo of Misogynistic Stereotypes of the Spiteful Ex-Wife’

Posted on | June 13, 2014 | 15 Comments

Just encountered that phrase in an article at The Atlantic and wondered: Are they implying that spiteful ex-wives don’t exist?

Assuming that the writer isn’t actually denying the existence of spiteful ex-wives, why is it “misogynistic” to acknowledge the truth of the old adage that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”? Most women recognize this as true, especially because it is often women — e.g., the guy’s new girlfriend — who are targets of the fury of scorned women.

Stereotypes exist for a reason, and not merely because of bigotry.



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  • Phil_McG

    In context though, and she’s talking about the spite that drives many divorced women to deny fathers access to their children:

    “DeCrow was willing to […] say that many divorced mothers […] were unreasonably opposed to this option—not only because of the social stigma of being viewed as “bad moms” but out of sheer hostility toward their ex-husbands. […] To some feminists, this may sound like a troubling echo of misogynistic stereotypes ”

    She’s not wrong, though I’d replace “some” with “nearly all”.

    Nearly all feminists are hostile to the idea that women’s behaviour is ever unreasonable. Why? Because they’re unreasonable. For example:

    “By the mid-1990s, NOW was openly hostile to the fathers’-rights movement, arguing that women were the real victims of bias in family courts.”

    This is like the KKK arguing that whites were the “real victims” of Jim Crow laws. Only the unreasonable – not to exclude the ideologically blinkered and the dishonest – would make such a ludicrous and demonstrably false suggestion.

    And this touches on one of the core flaws of feminism, and all the other bastard children of Marxism that bescab our intellectual landscape like the pustula of an untreated syphilitic.

    Feminism is irrational, malicious and dishonest by design. There is no constructive debate to be had with the unreasonable and the dogmatic. One may as well try to argue with a Moslem fundamentalist or a swarm of wasps.

  • maniakmedic

    As a woman, I can categorically say we can be exceptionally unreasonable when it comes to men. I have found myself having flashes of irrational hatred for other women I don’t even know who talk to a guy I have tagged as “mine.” However, I realize what is going on and refuse to give into that irrational female lizard brain reaction. I would hazard a guess that it is a reaction that can have a very useful purpose (keeping women vigilant and ready to defend their claim to a good man once she has him, much like men will posture around other men trying to move in on their women – which I’ve actually watched happen; it was amusing). Of course, at one time people were socially required to keep their emotions in check and act like civilized people, whereas now you are given leave to fly off the handle for almost any slight and it’s A-OK (especially if somebody is filming on their phone and uploads the resultant meltdown to YouTube).

  • PeterP

    Women themselves will tell you that women are vicious when scorned or rejected. The science is settled on this.

  • robertstacymccain

    Our ability to resist messages from our irrational lizard brains is all that stands between us and utmost barbarism.

    Based on my own direct personal experience, but without going into detail, I’d say that the male lizard brain is crammed full of genuinely depraved ideas. I think guys deserve more credit than they usually get for resisting their chaotic urges.

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