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Judas Priest Shout-Out To Princess Chelsea Clinton

Posted on | June 14, 2014 | 26 Comments

by Smitty

E! reports:

The expectant 34-year-old stepped out wearing leather leggings and sky-high Christian Louboutin heels during an appearance at the 2014 Wildlife Conservation Society Gala at the Central Park Zoo in New York City last night.

We’ll let Dustbury review the footwear, but how about the trou?As Obama’s fundamental transformation of our country continues to move us off that pesky Constitution and pave the way for Rule By Overlords, it’s important that the peasantry be afforded at least the hope of distraction by fashion.

As Her Majesty uncoils from her torpor and prepares for residence in the Oval Throneroom, the peasants can be pleased at the style on display by the underpaid, pauper princess. So let’s reach back to the realm of another queen for a wee salute:


  • Escher’s House

    Is it sexist to say she has her mother’s legs?

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Some one should tell her to ditch the leggings

  • Adjoran

    Beware the Thighs of Thunder!

    Who is her fashion adviser, and is it the same one who keeps telling Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, “Sure, Deb, your hair looks GREAT!”?

    I heard the Kardashians’ ratings have plunged and E! is considering canceling the series soon, so there is an opening on trash TV.

    It’s one way to divert the laughter, mocking, and derision from her mother, though – thanks for taking one for the team, Chels!

    Honey, if you is gwineta make it on de street, you gots to show some cleavage, too.


    Thanks for the comic relief! After the lesbian mommy post and all the news about Obama’s foreign policies exploding and all, it was needed.

  • Bob Belvedere

    As for Hillary thinking she’ll occupy the Oval Throne..

    Rodham: You got another thing comin’.

  • PopTheLid

    Love it!!

    She’s The Green Manalishi with the 2 pronged crown .

  • RS

    Looking at that photo reminds me of a blackened knackwurst I once saw on a grill at the Munich Oktoberfest.

    Let the denunciations commence!

  • EdwdLny

    What have you got against blackened knackwurst ?

  • EdwdLny

    Somewhere a zoo is missing its pregnant seal.

  • Greg Hlatky

    “Here Comes Honey-Boo-Boo” is already a series.

  • daialanye

    I say, Good for Chelsea!

    [We can use that photo against her when she runs for office.]

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  • DeadMessenger

    “Blackened”? I denounce your whitened superiority racism, RS!

  • K-Bob

    Caption: Does my butt make these pants look big?

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  • Bob Belvedere

    You win this thread!

  • Patrick Carroll

    That’s a terribly unattractive look.