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Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Posted on | June 5, 2015 | 9 Comments

by Smitty

[Start with Darleen, or this will make less sense.]

She dragged as the smart phone rang. “Nailed. DVD evidence by courier.”
“Thanks. When do we go to divorce court?”
“That’s Litigation. I’m Operations.”

* * *

Courier knew nothing, of course, but metadata in the MPEG4 would make the case. HomeWreckers, Inc. had brought down its last family. The husband betrayed by the prostitute smiled grimly to himself.

* * *

Robbie turned from his smart phone to his sister Hermione: “OK, it looks like dad has fallen into the trap, right on top of mom. We may not get a sibling, but the reality show ratings will rock.”


  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Doesn’t the Friday Fiction award go to the New York Times and its favorite troll David Brock?

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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • darleenclick

    So cool… there’s a whole novel there waiting to be written.

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  • Eric Ashley

    Janice woke one of her avatars, the Elise model, type four as a female intruder had been noted on the grounds of Master Jefferson’s palacio. The Elise was not quite Janice because of history, and the lack of space for a full AI, Level Eight. Instead, she, for so she thought of herself, woke in ‘Buffy’ mode, ready to fight monsters on the beach of the Costa del Sol.

    She exited the alcove, in a microsecond, ordered the exterior shutters to retract, and leapt from the third floor window of Master Jeff’s bedroom for the hardpacked sand left by the going out tide.

    A Feminazi cyborg rose from the waves, her auto-fletchette cannon spitting fire. The shock web took the first ten shots before the personal laser guard’s booted. The laser was in her left leg, but due to fiber optics it came from almost anywhere on her body. Fletchettes turned into high speed puffs of mist.

    And Elise ran forward, her arm peeling back to reveal a stabbing info-stilletto a foot long, even as the laser guard took down more of the shots….WARNING>


    The fletchettes were formed of two sets of binary chemicals which when combined in the air formed an explosive. She spun up into the air, tossing out flash and sizzle to confuse tracking sensors while she got herself back on line..

    Landing, she realized her optical sensors and her throat guard were gone. Realizing failure, she beat feet back to the palacio, passed through the security net, even as others of her sisters went out to engage the enemy.


    Men given the choice between a VR game, a sexbot, and a palace on a congenial coast with teleconferencing work has eschewed women. Women had responded by trying to kidnap men, and so men had built Elise and her sisters. Women had responded with suicidal ideology and cyborgs. The War Between the Sexes had taken a bloody turn.

  • JoshuaLConner

    nowRead this theothermccain… Here’s a Blog


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