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Nintendo Fires @AlisonRapp, Who Hates #GamerGate and Supports Pedophiles

Posted on | March 30, 2016 | 101 Comments


Last month, I wrote this:

Irony much? @AlisonRapp is an advocate of perversion who hates #GamerGate. She is an enthusiastic promoter of Japanese anime videogames that have been criticized as fantasy fodder for pedophiles and, in fact, Ms. Rapp has denounced as “censorship” the criminalization of child pornography. Twisted freaks like Ms. Rapp are welcome on Twitter’s platform, whereas criticism of self-described pedophiles like Nicholas “Sarah” Nyberg will get your account suspended in the name of “Trust and Safety.” Making cunnilingus jokes about teenage anime characters? That’s OK with Twitter. Calling Anita Sarkeesian a totalitarian ideologue, however, could be construed as “targeted abuse.” . . .
The methods by which progressive Thought Police silence dissent involve blatant double-standards, raising all kinds of questions about what the world will look like once the forces of “social justice” have destroyed every possible source of opposition to the weird agenda that @AlisonRapp and @srhbutts are permitted to promote on Twitter.

Alison Rapp was employed in public relations for videogame maker Nintendo. This became controversial when it was discovered that in 2012, Rapp wrote a thesis entitled “Speech We Hate: An Argument for the Cessation of International Pressure on Japan to Strengthen Its Anti-Child Pornography Laws.” This was featured on her LinkedIn page, which also lists a conference proposal in which Rapp wrote:

At the University of Minnesota, I conducted work on a variety of intersectional topics related to gender, sex, queerness, and new media . . .
Prior to my work at the University of Minnesota, I conducted research at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota on bisexuality in Tokugawa Japan, representations of women in Nintendo’s popular Legend of Zelda series, depictions of gay and lesbian relationships in yaoi and yuri (two genres of manga written by and for heterosexual women but about MSM and WSW), and on how the West and Japan regulate real and fictional child pornography.
I have a continued interest in LGBT/queerness and technology, including the internet and tech, but also other media such as manga, comics, television, and pornography.

Quite simply, Rapp is a defender of child pornography, particularly as it relates to her “continued interest in LGBT/queerness.” This may be tolerated at Augsburg College and the University of Minnesota, but is it what Nintendo wants in its public relations department?

For some reason — and I don’t even pretend to understand the background — Rapp was associated with the anti-#GamerGate forces, and #GamerGate activists exposed Rapp’s pro-pedophile activism, much as they had previously exposed Nicholas “Sarah” Nyberg’s pedophilia.

The claim that Rapp is a victim of “harassment” — which some of her supporters call a “witch hunt” — requires us to ignore the history of what it was that led to #GamerGate. A group of feminists, including Anita Sarkeesian, had begun accusing the videogame industry of sexism. These so-called SJWs (“social justice warriors”) were very interested in blackmailing the industry into hiring their friends and firing their enemies. Basically, they wanted to punish game makers from hiring heterosexual males, and also to punish these companies for producing games that heterosexual males enjoyed playing. Everything in the multi-billion-dollar videogame industry, from its employment policies to its products and marketing, was targeted by this feminist bullying campaign.

#GamerGate was a grassroots rebellion against these forces of political correctness, to prevent the industry from being taken over by SJWs. That someone like Alison Rapp, a promoter and defender of genuinely vile perversions, should have been considered fit to hold a public relations position at a major company like Nintendo, shows just how deeply into the crazy vortex of “social justice” the industry has descended.

The irony, of course, is that Sarkeesian and her feminist allies had made “objectification” of women in videogames a target of their criticism — proof, they said, that the industry was run by sexists. Yet what is “objectification,” in this context, except the depiction of women in ways that appeal to heterosexual men? In other words, feminist criticism of “objectification” is really a way of saying that men’s entirely normal interest in women is wrong. But while Sarkeesian does not want men ever to see a good-looking woman in videogames, she is perfectly willing to support Alison Rapp, the pro-pedophile advocate of “LGBT/queerness” in “manga, comics, television, and pornography.”

Seriously, go examine the case against Alison Rapp. She has never disavowed any of her controversial views, never apologized or said she was mistaken in defending child pornography.

“The Queering of Feminism” means that students like Alison Rapp are indoctrinated in an anti-male/anti-heterosexual ideology which no one on campus is permitted to criticize. Subjected to cult mind-control methods, young feminists graduate college with the fanatical conviction that the only wrong kind of sexual behavior is normal sexual behavior.

Japanese “manga” pornography depicting lesbian schoolgirls? Perfectly acceptable to a Third Wave feminist like Alison Rapp, and acceptable also to Anita Sarkeesian, a Commissar of the Feminist Thought Police who will accuse you of “vile harassment tactics” and “gendered abuse” if you disagree with her opinions. Trying to get men fired from their jobs in the videogame industry? That’s not “vile,” that’s social justice.

Speaking of social justice, remember that SJWs Always Lie. In fact, what got Alison Rapp fired had nothing to do with #GamerGate:

Nintendo of America provided the below statement to Mashable.
Alison Rapp was terminated due to violation of an internal company policy involving holding a second job in conflict with Nintendo’s corporate culture. Though Ms. Rapp’s termination follows her being the subject of criticism from certain groups via social media several weeks ago, the two are absolutely not related. Nintendo is a company committed to fostering inclusion and diversity in both our company and the broader video game industry and we firmly reject the harassment of individuals based on gender, race or personal beliefs. We wish Ms. Rapp well in her future endeavors.

What kind of “second job” do you suppose Ms. Rapp was working that was “in conflict with Nintendo’s corporate culture”?

Oh, the irony! It burns! It burns!

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    Steve…you’re kidding me, right? That’s an excerpt from the prologue to my book: “I’m a Car Now, Make Your Own Damn Toast!” soon to be on sale everywhere…to help offset the extremely high cost of transitioning.